Exporting method of erection of electronic motor truck scale

Exporting method of erection of electronic motor truck scale

There are more and more wagon balances exported to foreign countries, now bathe in permanent technology to say to everybody, the method of erection of the exporting wagon balance:
First, body of balance are assembled
1,The picture uses the body of specialized bush tool splicing balance on a photograph according to U.
A splicing, including the cover plate 1
2,The body of balance mates according to the sign on the body of the balance
These two are called the primary sation after assembling well.
2 and 2 splicing, including the cover plate 2
3 and 3 3
3,Balance body superscript assemble and the intersection of cover plate and two these call the slave station 1 after assembling well.
4 and 4 4
5,Install the balance and lay aside for the moment the primary sation, then take, pay the primary sation in the slave station 1, the connecting part screw must be sprained urgent (have 16*90 two sets, 16*65 Liang, 20*100 internal hexagon and one set)
Second, put the steel ball
1,Install sensor, put well steel ball, pressure head, lay aside for the moment the intersection of bottom and the intersection of steel and balls of the intersection of cushion and the intersection of strength and steel ball and then, steel ball position take vertical from head to foot ‘ Steel bushing) on pressure head and sensor ,The steel ball should be put really, can’t rotate, the necessary lower cushion full spacer is put really. The same process of steel ball of 6 sensors, the interstar connection after putting well.
Third, interstar connection
1,Install and connect with the interstar connection way on U plate on the drawing, the line of each sensor must be crossed from making up the water-proof joint outside the line box on the circuit board in the terminal box, the water-proof joint must be sprained closely after crossing.
A binding post in the terminal box of the sensor 1, the color is connected according to the picture;
B binding post in the terminal box of the sensor 2, the color is connected according to the picture;
C in the terminal box of the sensor 3
Binding post, the color is connected according to the picture;
G binding post in the terminal box of the sensor 4, the color is connected according to the picture
H binding post in the terminal box of the sensor 5, the color is connected according to the picture;
I binding post in the terminal box of the sensor 6, the color is connected according to the picture;
The principal lines of instrument and terminal box are according to the connection on the picture.
After the thread of the terminal box is connected well
Must check once first, has connected it by mistake, has opened the instrument to debug after the interstar connection.
Fourth, debug
1,The starting up zero adjustment of instrument, under the normal conditions, this 50t exports the wagon balance and already installs debugging in the factory, pass by every sensor by the unable forklift truck less than 4 tons, write down the number value of the instrument, if unanimous,bad when needing by footing to transfer, if inconsistent, until there adjust to if you can’t last foot, get is angular differences automatic in instrument engineering instruction.
Adjust the angular difference method automatically
Until the intersection of standardization and specification carry on standard the intersection of weight and standardization at the instrument ‘ Open the standardization tip)
According to [F1 ] revealing [c000000 ]
According to [888888 ] revealing [c888888 ]
According to [input ] revealing [FUnc 0 ]
According to [2 ] revealing [FUnc 2]
According to [input ] p; [Dc01 ] meaning is the first angle
Add loadcarrying ability (here at location of a certain mao such as using
Forklift truck) And then, after data stabilization on the instrument
According to reveal [dcr 02 ] the second angle input into,
The forklift truck reaches another angle, after treating the data stabilization on the instrument
According to [input ] revealing [dcr03 ]
. . . . . .
Finish pigeonholing 6 pieces of corner location sequentially ‘ Sensor) ,Automatic angular difference is adjusted and over!

Exporting method of erection of electronic motor truck scale

The muffle furnace is maintained with attentive matters

The muffle furnace is maintained with attentive matters:
1.When the muffle furnace uses again after using or for a long time inactive for the first time, must carry on the baker. The time of the baker should be four hours for 200 ¡æ of room temperature. 200 ¡æ to 600 ¡æ is four hours. While using, furnace temperature can’t exceed the specified temperature at most, so as not to burn the electric component. It is forbidden to pour into various liquidly in the stove and metal apt to dissolve, the muffle furnace had better work at under 50 ¡æ of below maximum temperature, the stove silk has longer life-span at this moment.
2.Muffle furnace and controller must not exceed 85%, work in the relative humidity as the place of conductive dust, explosive gas or corrosivity gas. When all metal materials with oil,etc. need to heat, a large amount of volatile gas will influence and corrode the surface of the electric component, enable its destroy by melting or burning and shortening life-span. So, should prevent and do the sealed container well in time or open the hole to get rid of appropriately while heating.
3.The muffle furnace controller should be limited to using within the range of 0-40 ¡æ ambient temperature.
4.According to the technical requirement, often check fixedly whether the line of every wiring of electric stove, controller is good, instruct the appearance indicator whether to block and delayed in the phenomenon at the time of sports or not, and the one that check the instrument because of the magnetic steel, demagnetize, rise silks, shell fragment with the potentiometer is tired and equilibrating and destroying etc. the error caused to increase the situation.
5.The electric thermocouple mustn’t be pulled out suddenly when high-temperature, in case the overcoat is bombed and split.
6.Often keep the burner hearth clean, remove things such as oxide,etc. in the stove in time.
The muffle furnace uses attention: Can’t go on and toast the flammable, explosive product in the stove, it is dangerous to so as to avoid! Can’t heat the volatile corrosion material either, otherwise will influence its service life.
It is similar that installing, atmosphere stove installation it is had that the muffle furnace is installed to tube stove installing, reaction electric stove installation, drying cabinet. The above has introduced the muffle furnace and installed step and wiring procedure specifically.

Cold thermal cycle appearance principle and characteristic introduction

TC-501F( III) Cold thermal cycle appearance (high low-temperature switch) Three generations are a kind of new products that will test the cold thermal cycle of material, can be used for determining that test the tired aging performance of temperature of the material, offer the stable and reliable experimental condition for material test.

Cold thermal cycle appearance Operation principle:
The movements that the sample is exchanged and soaked in trough among high, low-temperature trough are finished by mechanical unit, this instrument rotates the soaking in type for the single arm. The sample proposes the level surface, put the high-temperature trough automatically after the low-temperature trough is soaked in certain time, the sample will be proposed in the level surface of high-temperature trough and put the low-temperature trough again automatically after the high-temperature trough stays for certain time, then the counter is counted once to circulate once so. After the clear of the water of the sample, are transferred to the high-temperature trough from the low-temperature trough, it is adjustable in 2-300 seconds that and soak in the time interval above water again about (high low-temperature switch) .

Cold thermal cycle appearance Characteristic:
Can test the articles from the gutter (A gutter) of a warm district automatically Mention it in the gutter putting into another warm district (B gutter) ,Test articles put back to gutter (A gutter) originally from the intersection of B and gutter behind reaching time of setting for In, recycle so repeatedly.
This product counts the secondary function automatically, lift and put relevant articles into another warm district gutter from a warm district gutter in idea range once that can be presumed repeatedly, time and conversion speed of two warm districts that the user can presume the products and put the warm district where one stays automatically.
This product adopts the intelligent control system of the microcomputer, the whole computer controls (already upgraded on originally two generations of foundations in an all-round way) ,Easy and simple to handle, can apply to stomatological hospital and other relevant scientific research departments extensively. Product this, for initiate at home, to emerge, offer the essential technological guarantee to scientific research of oral cavity it.
This product is used mainly in the research of the subject material of oral cavity tooth, can also be used for the medical treatment, chemical industry, pharmacy, university laboratory and relevant research institute, examined the organization.

Choice and use on the cell culture board

Choice and use on the cell culture board

The cell culture board, as a kind of always using and important tool training cells, the shape, specification, use are various, are you too in order that vast and hazy how to choose the appropriate cultivation board? You for how convenient train board to be worried accurate use? To how deal with, train board have puzzled too you? Each what experience do you have what magical effects there are to different cultivation boards? ………
( 1) The choice on the cell culture board: The intersection of cell culture and board and the rounded bottom is (U-type and V-type) in accordance with the intersection of bottom and shape with can be divided into flatly ; Train the hole of the hole to count 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 384, 1536 holes,etc.; There are Terasaki boards and ordinary cell culture boards based on different materials. Train volume and different experiment purposes to be made according to training the type of cells and requiredly while choosing specifically.
Flat and the rounded bottom is (U-type and V-type) Train difference and choice on the board:
Terasaki board and difference on the ordinary cell culture board:
The difference on cell culture board and enzyme guide board:
Train the hole floor space on the board and recommend adding liquid amount dailily and differently: Different aperture plates add and train the liquid level of the liquid to be should not be too deep, generally in 2-3mm range, combine different floor space of hole, can calculate all train the suitable for adding liquid amounting of the hole. Add liquid amount, can influence gas while being too much ‘ Oxygen) Exchange, and in the course of moving apt to overflow, lead to the fact pollution. Concrete the intersection of cell and density added with flexible to know in accordance with purpose of experiment.
( 2) The adding kind and operating of cell culture board: Cell culture board follows the strict aseptic principle while operating cells too, every operation should guarantee the norm, science, does not cause extra influence on the growth of cells. Most common question how guarantee, add cell after the kind even trying hard, reducing, changing liquid, growing influence of the state to cell among them.
The airtight and pollution problem on board of cell culture:
( 3) Train coating and correlation problem on the board: In order to meet the needs of different experiments, can use to training the board after being coated with different materials, this in that promoted cells to stick, is used for some measuring specially requiredly too. Perhaps it is mastered that concrete schemes are also different, flexible depending upon need for different experiment purposes.
4)Train the washing of the board and sterilize: Train the board generally in order to at one time use, is especially keeping in touch poisonously, harmfully and abandoning after dealing with even more after the material. But if use and must carry on accurate washing and sterilize repeatedly, in order to guarantee the result of cell culture.
5)The method is discussed: The cell culture board comes to observe different treatment effects dailily, some may just go on during training the board directly when measuring, what kind of experience or small knack inside?

Retainment function of the chromatograph

Flow, bring chromatogram of chromatograph into behind the column as the intersection of sample and mixture, in flow between the phase distributing the equilibrium constantly with each other while being fixed. The physical and chemical properties of different compounds are different, the proportion with quantity is different in two phase. There is compound of large percentage in the fixed looks, develop the outstanding table column and flow more consuming, eluted from the chromatogram column out more slowly. Have compound of large percentage in flowing looks, develop outstanding the intersection of table and column, afford to consume, eluted from the chromatogram column out very fast. This kind of phenomenon is called the retainment function of the chromatograph.

The intersection of retainment and function of chromatograph index have very much time, the intersection of death and volume, retention time, keep volume, adjust retention time, adjust, keep volume and as to keeping value,etc..

Leading particulars of TD-1 thermal desorption appearance

The leading particulars of TD-1 thermal desorption appearance: It is our company on the basis of absorbing the technological advantage of the like product that the pool of Zhengzhou engraves TD-1 thermal desorption appearance produced, the ones that developed had heat of new generation of technological style and independent intellectual property right that analyzes the sample injector new product alone.

The leading particulars leading particulars of TD-1 thermal desorption appearance:

High versatility

Can form a complete set on-line with domestic, various types of gas chromatograph that import.

Heat and intensify it fast, the gradient is little, heat can run at the same time while analyzing stove and activation stove.

Heating power is great, intensify fast, the gradient is little, the take and put sample tube is convenient.

Absorb the function that the tube washes to the sample, have avoided crossed contamination.

Installation with hermetic science design, the intersection of sample and installation with hermetic the intersection of design and scientific simple and convenient, operational safety of tube, easy to operate.

The unique sample delivery pipe is heated and designed, prevent the sample from condensing.

Enter kind and the intersection of data processing and synchronous operation, set for, solve holding time only use, after entering a kind of time and stripping and washing time, unattended operation, and can touch off the externally positioned data handling equipment and enable its synchronous operation, have reduced the timing error greatly.

Analyze parameter memory, 4 kinds of memorable analysis parameters.

The leading particulars instrument of TD-1 thermal desorption appearance joins

Analyze the temperature range of stove: The room temperature is 400 ¡æ, increment is 1 ¡æ, the precision that control the temperature:

Portable operation principle of examining the wine appearance

PT500 examines the wine appearance portably The function is introduced:

1,First class alarm, some is adjustable that call the police. 2,Unit changes (% BAC, mg/L, g/L, ¡ë BAC) the alcohol density 3,Temperature unit switches over the function ‘ Fahrenheit and Centigrade) 4,Adjustable 5 for 3- 8 second of time of breathing down, breathe down and stop pointing out 6, alcohol density ultra limit autoalarm 7, lattice liquid crystal and rejecting revealing, operate interfaces in Chinese

Technical indicator: 2 AA batteries of fuel cell alcohol sensor working power of sensor type use the ambient temperature: 10 ¡æ- 40 ¡æ relative humidity: Less than or equal to 95% and has not formed and revealed and tested the response time <20s measures the 0.000- 0.200 BAC warning density 0.020% BAC- 0.080% BAC adjustable accuracy

System function and difficult point analysis that the surface defect of the membrane measures

System function and difficult point analysis that the surface defect of the membrane measures
The membrane surface defect detection system is used for the common defect of measuring all kinds of membrane of black point, mosquito, pin hole that the surface appear in process of production, a bit more brilliantly, scratch etc., fault information which the system can appear on the prompt surface of discovery products in process of production, often reflect the defective information on the surface of production line, totally replace the human eye and measure the surface. Saving the production cost greatly, has raised product quality.
The surface defect of the membrane measures the system function to mainly include:
The intercepting fast of surface defect picture;
Position (the concrete position of the defective map is distributed) of the fault ;
Find the sound and light alarm after the flaw;
Automatic classification of the flaw (classify according to customer’s requirement for defect) ;
Flaw statistics and report form automatic generation;
Position the poster in defective edge of product ‘ Available) ;
The surface defect of the membrane measures and mainly measures the analysis of difficult point
The routine membrane is measured, in cases it is sufficient that there are no interference, installation space on the surface, too many difficult points exist. But this project has the following technological difficult point:
1,Print the characters to the interference measured. Examine on the material and may print characters, the pattern and written language are in long-term production, may change plate, print other contents. Because the characters are obscured with the black spot, the detection system needs to get rid of and print the characters to the interference measured.
2,Detection on the variable roll diameter roller. Reverse side is measured, can only install in wrapupping the roller, and wrapup the roller roll diametering will change. So the detection system wants to be to a moving detection noodle.

Press the characteristics and use manufacturer’s instructions of the pressure pump a little

Press characteristic and use manufacturer’s instruction of the pressure pump a little:

It is a check-up pressure (difference is pigeonholed) to press the pressure pump a little Changer, accurate manometer, pressing auxiliary equipment of instrument and apparatus such as tables, pressure switch,etc. ordinarily, cooperate with pressure standard device, finish measuring and regulating the work.
Press the pump characteristic of the pressure a little:
1.Press the pressure pump and adopt one grade of stainless steel of food a little, the war industry seals technology
2.Accuse of pressing precision high and step up steadily, easy to operate
3.Make and press the range and dredge empty degree high
4.Spread and press mediums it as the air, sanitation and hygiene, does not pollute the environment, improves the accuracy of the check-up instrument
5.Collect, shoulder, make, press on an organic whole, and negative pressure change convenient
6.Open structure is easy to operate, extremely apt to safeguard
7.Lever type pressurize, exceed on a large scale adding, reducing pressure, make it pigeonhole course to be steady not to go up and down
8.Press the pressure pump and connect the source of the gas a little, saving time saves effort
9.The meticulous fine setting range is wide, stability performance is high, offer higher display resolving power
Press the pump technical parameter of the pressure a little:
1.Pressure range: -70- 800KPa (choose in range wantonly)

2.The degree of stability: Superior to 0.02% F.S
3.Export the interface: M20 x 1.5
4.Use mediums: Gas
5.Hold and press the pressure pump external dimension a little: 400* 240* 230mm
6.Hold and press the pressure pump a little heavily Quantity: 5.0kg

Expand and read: Pressure pump

Experience that HSC liver stellate cell succeeds

Experience that HSC liver stellate cell succeeds

After you digest with protease of chain, collagenase, DNAase first, then disperse cells, density gradient again
Offer your density gradient method now;
28.7% Nycodens 17.4ml BSA/HBSS( Na ) 21.5 Ml DNAsesolution 3ml divides with three tubes after mixing, (namely include 28.7% Nycodens 5.8ml each tube) Subdivide it with BSA/HBSS (Na ) Or MEM medium, on three, every end volume 20 ml, every end, Nycodens of tube, density 8.2%, (use BSA/HBSS, density of HSC that propose more pure) . In the upper bedding a layer of BSA/HBSS or MEM medium about 10 ml carefully, the final volume of every tube is 30ml. 4 ¡æ, 3200