HH-S number shows the thermostatical oil bath pan Water bath pan Instrument and equipment of the laboratory

HH-S number shows a pot of product introduction of thermostatical oil bath:

It is an auxiliary thermostatical laboratory apparatus that HH-S counts and shows the thermostatical oil bath pan, and control the temperature by the machine case, thermostatical oil groove the part of the device three make up. The thermostatical trough selects to make of stainless steel, have high temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant characteristics. The machine case is gushed out and moulded precisely with the static of the high-quality cold-rolled stencil plate. Control the temperature device adopt intellectual the intersection of temperature control and instrument, it is the high performance, high-accuracy temperature control module. It features: PID temperature control, it is accurate to control; LED digital display, ocular and accurate; Have advantage such as being high, easy to use of stable and reliable, precision. The instrument of this is suitable for what has been made and distilled, dried, concentrated, warm and steeped chemical medicines or biologicals and heated at constant temperature in every laboratory is used.
Second, HH-S number show one pot of technical parameters of thermostatical oil bath:
1,Power: 220V 50Hz
2,Heating power: 2000W
3,The range of controlling the temperature: Room temperature – 300 degrees centigrades are apparent
4,The size of operating room: 28X28X30(CM)

Third, HH-S number show a pot of operation instructions of thermostatical oil bath:
1,Can refuel according to the capacity of the need while using, in order to shorten the time to heat. (It can’t be too much to pay attention to refueling, in case that the oil is overflowed outside the pan at the time of the boiling; Notice in the pan oil quantity can’t be too low either, can’t make the electric heat in the pan in charge of emerging the oil, the electric heat is in charge of so as not to burn out, cause the oil spill) . Put through the power, open the switch, the indicator lamp is on.
2,Presume the temperature:
(1). Arrange, examine warm normally at press SET, arrange number, in charge of data flicker under the key ‘) Show the instrument enters the temperature to presume the state, presses The presuming value of key increases, press The presuming value is reduced, press and increase the key or will change to reduce the presuming value of key fast continuously, press SET key instrument again and get back to the temperature of normal working state to finish presuming.
(2). The revision of the error: Can revise the revealing value when the value of confirming the instrument reveals is not the correct measurement value, press SET key enter instrument layers of menu 3 second, selected parameter cooperate behind the SC Or The key can revise this parameter, the range of revision of the sensor error gets to

Technical parameter of CS-1 speed probe

Speed probe Type: CS-1

The function of the sensor is to convert the measuring according to certain law of rotatory machinery to the device that can be exported with the signal
Operation principle:
The speed probe is that one kind is sensitive to intensity of magnetic induction, intensity and magnetic flux of magnetic field, and can convert these signals to the sensor of the electric signal.
Technical parameter:
Technical parameter of CS-1 speed probe
1. D.C. resistance: 150

Rotate the viscosimeter NDJ

Brand: Instrument Co., Ltd. of Shanghai first on the right
Name: Rotate the viscosimeter
Type: NDJ-4


The rotatory viscosimeter NDJ-4 which the instrument of Shanghai first on the right produces, dial plate type viscosimeter, is suitable for determining various liquid and semi-fluid absolute viscosity and rheology performance. Apply to viscosity of different fluids such as determination oil, paint, food, medicine, cosmetics, adhesive pharmaceutical extensively. It is a new product development, products quality control test that use one of most precision type instruments while analyzing.

Technical parameter:

Determine the range

1 – 2

The device test method happens in the power to discuss triple simply frequently

The device test method happens in the power to discuss triple simply frequently

Triple generator used in electric voltage transformer, the intersection of voltage and mutual inductor,etc. try on into the product frequently, except mainly insulating to go on constructing and testing under high pressure frequently to all-insulated voltage transformer, and vertical insulating semi-insulated voltage transformer in voltage transformer mainly insulating to go on the high-pressure test of reaction.

In go on time respond to, able to bear press test, frequently trying on into producting, should go on the test for empty load to this device first, check whether the device is intact.
( 1) Test the wiring sketch map in empty load:

( 2) Operating sequence:
Confirm that inputs the three-phase voltage after wiring is errorless; Turn on the intersection of control cabinet and switch, getting green on signal lamp (if on, please go back to zero the intersection of voltage regulator and handle) ; Then push and start the button, the red job light is on, can begin the rotatory voltage regulator handle and step up at this moment, observe the voltmeter, until the voltage is expressed to all over scale. Have abnormal condition prove normal device this in course this, should go back to zero the intersection of voltage regulator and handle immediately, and disconnection power, empty load is tested.
( 1) Push, pursue the intersection of triple and the intersection of power and generator, control cabinet, reactor (insert need,) frequently Connect with the product tried well;

( 2) Check the circuit connected carefully, confirm that it is correct to try the product and wiring of this device, input the three-phase voltage. The operating sequence is essentially identical with experimental step of empty load; As stepping up to try at the time of the necessary voltage value of the product, should stop stepping up, and lasts 40 seconds; If have abnormal condition appear, prove, try on into the intersection of product and the qualified test, at this moment should go back to zero the intersection of voltage regulator and handle immediately, and disconnect the three-phase power rapidly, finish testing.

National standard MDJ

National standard MDJ-IIC pitch mixture Marshall hits the real appearance operation instruction

First, Marshall hit the structural performance of the real appearance:

1. MDJ-IIC is real without being hit in Marshall made up of mechanical drive and controlling the part of the instrument two appearance, the mechanical actuator is driven for electrical machinery, decelerator, roller chain, the electrical machinery drives the decelerator, decelerator to drive the sprocket to rotate, blocking one and driving the standard to hit the hammer and move upwards in the movement along leading the pole on the roller chain, when the heavy hammer runs into the oblique wedge piece, blocking one to uncouple on heavy hammer and roller chain, the heavy hammer falls and hits and tries one in fact freely along leading the pole.

2.The circuit controls and adopts the integrated circuit, can preset the counter, the counter can be chosen in 1~999 ranges arbitrarily, and there are memory functions. Consist of and preset the switch, number to reveal, contain and start, stop, reset the button on the instrument panel.

3.Can hit the real number of times to hit automatically really according to presuming in advance while hitting the real appearance, cut off the control circuit automatically while reaching the presuming value, and shut off the electrical machinery. Mechanical drive and control of the instrument are divided into two parts, by improving the dependability of the complete machine.

Marshall hits the real appearance Main characteristic:

1,Can realize that count automatically, it is real to hit automatically, shut down automatically.

2,It have hammer flat will be hung,with mention manually,it is can light mention by hammer.

3,Semi-automatic type to mould the device, it is more convenient to fetch and put the mould.

4,An organic whole type hammer head, will not loss, will not break and break, fracture.

5,Small-scale Marshall try on mould and large-scale Marshall try on the mould with common.

Second, Marshall hit the main technical indicator of the real appearance:

1,The distance of falling: ( 457

BDS electric voltage transformer electric parameter tester working technique

First, sum up:

BDS electric voltage transformer electric parameter tester measure the fast, precision high, easy to use, light and handy and esthetic. Specially apply to the detection of the electric consumption of the electric voltage transformer, this instrument can be replaced with indicator instrument of the grade in nine, it is the traditional electric consumption that tests the ideal regeneration product of the instrument.

Second, products characteristic:

1,BDS electric voltage transformer electric parameter tester adopts 240* 64 lattice LCD (bring in a poor light) Reveal 20 parameters such as three-phase voltage, electric current, low-voltage side voltage, power, power factor, frequency at the same time.

2,Testable empty load and short out electric consumption parameter that the test take.

3,The wide, reading repetitiveness of the linear range is good, performance is steady.

4,Guarantee the accurate measurement of the power factor 0.000~1.000, is especially suitable for the detection that the low power factor supports.

5,The convenient one latches the convenience of the simultaneiry and operation that can guarantee the measurement.

Third, BDS electric voltage transformer electric parameter tester technical indicator (the following parameter indexes are 0.2 grades, 50Hz) :


Technical indicator

Voltage (V)

Range 500V

LCB- 2 type on-the-spot CBR tests the appearance and orders the procedure

LCB- 2 type on-the-spot CBR tests the appearance and orders the procedure

Product introduction:
It is Hebei that LCB- 2 type on-the-spot CBR tests the appearance: Product of new generation which the building instrument plant of wing of roc of Xian County researched and developed by oneself.

This instrument designs and makes on the basis of JTJ059- 95 ” road bed road surface on-the-spot test rules of the highway “, suitable for determining CBR values live of different soil base materials live in the highway. The operation principle of this instrument utilizes the rear bearing heavily and is not smaller than the truck of 60KN, go on and add and carry on one’s shoulder or back with the jack, through passing through into the load weight that the pole measures and passes through the entering amount and the dynamometer measures, have calculated CBR value of the soil base scene.
LCB- 2 type on-the-spot CBR tests appearance technology and joins a jack 100KN and ball seat
2,Dynamometer: 60KN
3,Pass through into the pole: Diameter

Determine the instrument of the component of alcohol purity in the distillery in chromatogram law of gaseous phase

GC7980BJ Chinese liquor (alcohol) Measure the specialized gaseous phase chromatograph, Chinese liquor is the traditional beverage wine of our country, the craft is superior, the flavor is unique, and it is extremely complicated for its perfume to make up. In order to determine the alcohol content in Chinese liquor accurately, examine and adulterate, the chromatogram law of gaseous phase has already become the essential in trade detection method of Chinese liquor.
Chinese liquor (alcohol) Measure the specialized gaseous phase chromatograph and mix with the high sensitive thermal conductance / hydrogen flame detection and pack the column / capillary column to enter one kind of systems, and mix the stainless steel stipulated with the national standard and pack column and capillary chromatogram column, can make regularly and can make the one of micro- perfume group to analyze to measure. DNP mix the column and enter kind and can measure 14 kinds of main content of alcohol, aldehyde, ester at one time directly, this method has already been used widely in the distillery, capillary the intersection of chromatogram and column it enters kind to be very accurate to include free organic acid and advanced fatty acid sour in 50 the intersection of multi-type and the intersection of group and copy inside while being quantitative at one time directly, thus make people have new understanding to the relation among content of one of perfume group and and phoenix’s flavor quality in Chinese liquor. This has undoubtedly pushed the Chinese liquor quality control, analyze of our country to a new height, and carried on the computer to Chinese liquor concocts, offers and sets up good data assurance.
Chinese liquor specialized chromatogram column accords with GB 10343-2002 edible alcohol and analyzes the requirement, can finish to the detection of one of micro- groups such as methanol, miscellaneous alcohol oil,etc. in high-quality edible alcohol.

GC7980BJ Chinese liquor (alcohol) Measure the specialized gaseous phase chromatograph to mainly apply to: The brewery, Department of Qulity Supervision, 315 associations,etc. measure the department

Drink the determination method of Chinese liquor

One: Pack the column and determine alcohol ester in Chinese liquor
Method principle: This method adopts packing the column of DNP, the ionized detection of hydrogen flame is measured, sour straight cube ester of second quantifies the content of alcohol ester in Chinese liquor in order to mark things inside.
Determine components: Acetic aldehyde, methanol, the intersection of B and
Measure the condition: Warm 90 ¡æ of column, detection and 135 ¡æ, vaporizing the room 135 ¡æ, the angry flow 30ml/min in year, mark legal quantity while adopting. Mark things inside

Determine the main performance characteristic of component of the alcohol purity in the distillery in chromatogram law of gaseous phase:
The whole Chinese reveals the large screen
Simplified Chinese character menu, the keyboard is operated, automatic memory parameter, lose the electricity to protect
Have self-checking function of troubles, and ultra warm automatic protection calls the police
Main performance characteristic:
1,The computer controls, the automatic intensity is high;
2,Self-checking function of starting the machine;
3,The system of opening the door after adopting the computer of the small split area to control, and autotracking temperature adjusts the angle of air door dynamically,
Even if can also realize accurate temperature control nearby of room temperature;
4,Ultra and warm to protect the function: Any No. exceeds and presumes the temperature, the instrument cuts out and calls the police automatically;
5,It is good that the detection adopts the unit and makes the design, sensitivity up high, heavy and linear, the linear range is wide;
6,Wide range diagnoses, ultra and warm by oneself that protects and loses the electricity and protects the function.
7,Five No. independent the temperature control ‘ Vaporizing the room, capillary can control the temperature to vaporize the room independently) ,Five stepses of procedures intensify the function.
8,Can connect with various recording instruments, integrator, data processor of the chromatogram and chromatogram data work station.
9,Instrument this single angry the intersection of way and the intersection of gaseous phase and chromatograph, can dispose FID, the intersection of TCD and two detection.

The index of controlling the temperature:
1,The range of controlling the temperature: Room temperature 5 ¡æ- 0.1 ¡æ of 400 ¡æ increment
2,Control the temperature precision: Superior to: ¡À is 0.1 ¡æ
3,The procedure intensifies: Five steps 0 of thermostatical time among the steps- 999min
Increment 0.1min temperature increment: 0.1 ¡æ
Intensify the speed: Maximum 40 ¡æ/ min under 200 ¡æ Over 200 ¡æ maximum 20 ¡æ/ min

1,Appearance size: 530* 490* 530( mm)
2,Input the power: AC200V¡À 7% 50Hz 2KW
3,The complete machine weight: About 49kg

Three passway tester main characteristic and technical parameter of D.C. resistance of voltage transformer

Three passways of voltage transformer D.C. resistance testers Main characteristic and technical parameter

About products:

Three passways of voltage transformer D.C. resistance testers The semi-manufactured goods, finished product is dispatched from the factory and tested, installs, hands over and tests and the electric department’s preventative test one must examine the project in the voltage transformer is made, can find selecting suitable materials, welding, connecting the hidden danger that the position exists after becoming flexible, lacking burst, breaking etc. to make the defect and run of the voltage transformer coil effectively. In order to meet the need that D.C. resistance of voltage transformer measures fast, this instrument adopts brand-new power technology, have small, light, characteristics of exporting the electric current greatly etc.. The complete machine is controlled by the one-chip computer, finish from functions such as examining, data processing, revealing,etc. automatically, discharge and discharge and point out the function automatically. The instrument tests the precision is high, easy and simple to handle, can realize the fast measurement that the voltage transformer hinder directly.

Three passways of voltage transformer D.C. resistance testers Adopt a pair of power structure, link the winding to the voltage transformer YN branched off, realizes three phases add the electricity at the same time, the measuring system adopts three passways of electric current of independence three passway voltage of sampling, independence is sampled, measure and reveal the intersection of three-phase and the intersection of resistance and value and the intersection of three phases and balanced ratio at the same time. Shorten working time greatly, each branch off the winding D.C. resistance and test the time consuming and long problem after solving the electric voltage transformer, necessary time is only 1/3 of the traditional method.

Product performance:

The instrument exports the electric current and chooses the electric current largely and automatically easily and simply to handle. Three passways of measurement, gather in real time, measure three resistance values at the same time, and calculate the uneven degree of three-phase resistance. Can measure at the same time with three phases, can form passway is measured according to the traditional way too, possess the temperature at the same time and convert the function, easy to use. Have complete protection circuit, highly reliable. Can’t lose electric perpetual calendar, clock, 80 groups of data and store, transfer and read, print the function. Can set up the looks preface of the resistance, branch off the position etc. and print information. Vertical machine case structure, operates the convenient scene. Stereo discharges and calls the police, discharge and point out clear Xi, reduce misoperation.

The products parameter:

Export the electric current: Choose the electric current automatically ‘ Biggest 20A) Range range: 0- 100

Voltage transformer D.C. resistance tester measurement method and attentive matters

1,D.C. resistance tester of the voltage transformer Measurement method

It is an important project in the test of the voltage transformer to measure the D.C. resistance. Through measuring, the conductive return circuit that can check the apparatus is bad and welding defect of bad, coil trouble and wiring mistake,etc.. In the actual measurement of the medium and small-scale voltage transformer, mostly adopt the direct current bridge law, in order to be tried the resistance value of the coil in a above generally measuring with the electric bridge of single arm of Europe, measuring with the electric bridge of both arms under a Europe. While using the wiring of electric bridge of both arms, a head of electric potential of the electric bridge wants the resistance close to being examined, a head of electric current should be connected on a head of electric potential. Before the measurement, should estimate, examine into the intersection of resistance and value of coil first, lead, select the button locate in appropriate position electric the intersection of bridge and time, examine into coil, short out, combine earthing, then open the switch to charge, wait, push, examine, flow, count switch behind the sufficient electricity, regulate, measure arm rapidly, make it flow, count indicator flow, count the intersection of scale and middle the intersection of zero and line direction, move to examine not to examine, carry on fine setting, wait for indicator record resistance value park at zero steadily, at this moment, examined the coil resistance value =Time of rate counts