Ziehl-Abegg whirlpool whirlwind machine operating principle

Ziehl-Abegg whirlpool whirlwind machine operating principle
The impeller is made up of several vane blades, its similar bulky air turbine impeller, when the impeller of the swirl air pump is rotated, the impeller blade intermediate air is influenced by centrifugal force, move towards the edge of the impeller, in the annular cavity pocket of the air input pump body there, then return to the impeller and also circulate sports from the starting point of the blade in a same way again, because air, homogeneous acceleration, the intersection of circulation and air current not produced make air scurry out in the form of helical line when impeller rotate, so the air leaves the pump body for extremely high energy, for using. (pressure it produce, the intersection of rotational speed and the intersection of diameter and centrifugal 12-17 times of air blower) .
Ziehl-Abegg whirlpool whirlwind machine lectotype way
Because the use of the swirl air blower is very extensive, because its lectotype is relatively complicated. Generally speaking,
Need going on according to two following steps:
1,Need to confirm what function use the high-pressure air blower at the scene, suck or blow, find the high-pressure air blower correspondent pressure – discharge curve accurately; If misunderstand the curve, it can’t be used that sometimes will cause the products that select out;
2,According to pressure and flowrate that calculate, find, meet pressure and the intersection of flowrate and corresponding the intersection of operating point and working curve of the above at the same time at curve chart; Then choose the high-pressure air blower type according to the working curve;
The different working sites, its demand for pressure and flowrate is different, so, want to get the relatively accurate data and need to carry on associated calculation. This needs to be gone on or looked for the specialized consultation of company by the specialized designer.

XLG3 industry video endoscope manual

XLG3 industry video endoscope | Shanghai is such as celebrating electronic Science Technologies Co., Ltd. professional agent U.S.A. GEXLG3 industry video endoscope, the national supply of preferential price of the stock, XLG3 industry video endoscope is disposed / please require XLG3 industry video endoscope price, XLG3 industry video endoscope manual by cable! ! ! !

XLG3 industry video endoscope

Saves the time used for measuring, raise the efficiency measured by a wide margin; Numerous is strong the function makes and is measured it easier; Flexibility, portability, your detection speed of multifunctionality quickening, make investment efficiency maximize;

The three-dimensional phase place scans and measures technology

It is a breakthrough measurement technology that the three-dimensional phase place scans and measures the law to measure the field in the endoscope. This can finish observing and measuring the function to measure the law with a lens, does not need to change the lens and reorientate the defect, saves working time, raise detection efficiency.

The three-dimensional phase place scans and measures the law to scan the regional surface measured, offer the sectional view, namely measure the cross section of the object, outline and characteristic of the defect become clearer, help operators to make better judgement.

The three-dimensional phase place of XLG3 system measures the law to make the application of the industry video endoscope rise to the brand-new field.

Section system measured deeply

Sectional view

Some cloud colour pictures of the crackle of turbine blade

Picture of grey level of some clouds of the crackle of turbine blade

Improve picture quality

XLG3 industry video endoscope system offers for minimum pipeline, the darkest space and navigates, fully illuminate the quite challenging area. Adopt and design the lens, treatment technology of the digitized signal, high-resolution newly high light and widely and reject the external VGA LCD screen, can offer the high-quality picture, the bright, clear picture helps you to discern the defect and make decision rapidly;


The fabric rubs the tester operational procedure of the charged electric charge amount All Nations

The fabric rubs the tester operational procedure of the charged electric charge amount

A use

Measure and defend the amount of charged electric charge obeyed of static.

Second, instrument characteristic

The fabric rubs the charged electric charge quantity tester and measures the device to make up from Faraday’s tube, turning round cylinder rubing machine and electric charge quantity.

The sample after the rubing machine of the cylinder will rub, will put into Faraday’s tube, in order to measure the strip electric consumption of the sample.

Third, main technical indicator

1,Measure the range: 2nC- 2

Fog haze is serious it is measured that how PM2.5 density detector exceed standard

Fog haze is serious it is measured that how PM2.5 density detector exceed standard : Mainly suitable for the meeting room of various governments, the chemical plants of villages and towns, research institution, meteorology, public hygiene, engineering of industrial industrial health, the air pollution is studied etc.

Fog haze is serious it is measured that how PM2.5 density detector exceed standard Main technical indicator:
It is tested that the particle is counted: 0.3¦Ì m, 2.5¦Ì m 1 0¦Ì m
Test the particle quality: PM2.5, PM 10
Light source: Laser diode
Flow: 500ml
Sample time: 35 seconds
Test the way: Density ( Each liter)
Power: Li-ion lithium ion battery ( 7.4V/1000mAh)
Or AC/DC adapter (AC imports: 100- 240V, 50/60Hz, DC exports: 9V, 1.5A)
The working time of battery: Test continuously time is about 3 hours
External dimension: 201 * 92 * 36 mm
Environmental condition: Working environment: 5- 45 ¡æ, <90% RH stores the environment: -20- 50 ¡æ,<
Standard attachment: AC/DC adapter, protects the case portably

Fog haze is serious it is measured that how PM2.5 density detector exceed standard Knowledge is clicked:
The particulate matter under 100 microns is the total suspended particulate substance (TSP) in the air
The particulate matter under 10 microns, in order to suck the human particulate matter ( PM10)
Under 2.5 microns particulate matter, in order to enter the lung particulate matter (PM2.5)
Single time strains net rate: Mean, suck air, get single times of course to discharge fresh air in filter screen, confirm straining net ability of filter screen by comparing with the change of the air particle quantity.
While examining the purification efficiency of the air purifier with this instrument, should prepare a newer purification device, and let the machine operate for more than 20 minutes, usually service time is within 3 months, if machine duration is relatively long, need to change a new purification device HEPA filter screen, the result that is made like this is obvious.
Fill the popping one’s head of this instrument in lowest underneath of one hundred leaves board behind of the purifying device while examining the air outlet of the purifying device and close to the middle position.
Try hard to look for more on the market other brand purifying devices are compared with demonstrating.
Can compare with the particle density before and after use of the same room purifying device, can be relatively the particle density values of the air outlets of air outlet and air conditioner of the purifying device too
The number value that this instrument examines is only the density of particulate matter of 0.3 microns, 2.5, 10 microns of three kinds of specifications, the unit is: **One is each liter. The instrument must take the glue cap of the top off before using, uses, puts in, very good protection sensor pops one’s head, this instrument is a precision type instrument, try hard to avoid borrowing the instrument to others and using!

Cell culture ABC

First. Basic conception that cells foster
Foster (in vitro culture) in vitro The cultivation including all structure levels, namely: Arrange to foster (tissue culture) , cells are fostered (cell culture) And the organ is fostered (organ culture) .
Cells are fostered (Cell culture) Mean and take out some from the biological organism, arrange for to lax into single cells or take out single cells from the organism directly, can also lax fostering cells outside the body into single cells and foster under the in vitro condition, and hyperplasia that cells can survive continuously.
Two cells foster intention and use
1,Discuss scientifically
( 1) Medicine discuss develop, new medicine select for instance, vaccine, the intersection of gene engineering and medicine, the intersection of cell engineering and medicine discuss with development, monoclonal antibody preparing etc..
( 2) The foundation is discussed, for instance the result mechanism of medicine, genetic function, disease break out mechanism,etc. is discussed.
( 1) Vaccine is produced: For instance viral vaccine (vaccine of hepatitis virus, AIDS vaccine,etc.) ,Poly- vaccine ‘ Vaccine of tumour) When.
( 2) The gene engineering medicine is produced: Such as EPO,etc..
( 3) Antibody medicine, genetic therapeutic drug production.
( 4) The cell engineering medicine is produced: Some inner biologically active polypeptide of biological cell, biological active material,etc..
( 5) Activity of using cell law to determine the biological active material in vitro; And predicting it in inner drug effect of body and replacing in vivo, France measures the bioactivity of its products.
Three. Take the place of and foster and go down to posterity and foster originally
Take the place of and foster (primary culture) originally : Various of organism arrange for, take out in organism animal, pass various the intersection of enzyme and (daily trypsin) , chelating agent ( Daily EDTA) Or the mechanical method is dealt with, lax into a monocyte, put and foster in appropriate cultivation group, make cells survive, grow up and multiply, this process claims to take the place of and foster originally.
In fact, generally referred to as, take the place of cells, cultivate originally from first generation to the tenth generation of less than the intersection of cultivation and cell.
Go down to posterity and foster (subculture) : After cells are at the moment of must grow up in the ware to fostering, are separated and inoculate in the new cultivation ware.
Will take the place of and foster success in the future originally, will be isolating with fostering extension and cell constantly constantly, the touching is restrained to first touch each other and break out between cells, grow up the speed is slowed down and even suspended; On the other hand will even be unfavorable to growing up or breaking out and poisoned because of the nutrient thing lack and metabolite pile-up. Need to foster things to cut apart into small some at this moment, inoculate to other cultivation wares (bottle) from the beginning Inside, foster.
For that the single-layer is fostered, when relatively aspiration that 80% of the sets or cells just assembled is goes down to posterity.
Four. Foster the method of cells in vitro
Foster (mass culture) collectively ,Locate the suspension rich in certainly quantity cell while fostering the bottle, let the cell sticking wall grow up, set (confluence) And then form the homogeneous monolayer;
Clone and foster (clonal culture) ,Participate in fostering the free cell suspension highly diluted in the bottle, behind each cell sticking wall, separate by each other farther, a cell of every cellulosity of hyperplasia is collected and fallen through growing up, called and cloned (clone) . All cells in a cell is cloned come from the same ancestor’s cell.

IRPT300LS temperature sensor

Summary: What parameters does IRPT300LS temperature sensor have? What application does IRPT300LS infrared thermoscope have? Explain carefully for everybody as follows.
Principle: IRTP-300LS infrared temperature sensor is not exposed to the infrared radiation intensity that the goal launches through measuring the goal to calculate the surface temperature of the object. Only if exposed to, it examines warm to be infrared the intersection of thermoscope and most great advantage, can make user the intersection of measurement and difficult close to or that move goal conveniently.
IRTP300LS serial infrared thermoscope, for infrared thermoscope of integrating etc. integratively, sensor, optical system, electronic circuit integrate in stainless steel shell together; Easy to install, the standard whorl on the stainless steel shell can be connected with the installation position fast; Various select one (for example stripping device, install the support, adjustable installation support, strip protecting set etc. at the same time) In order to meet various operating mode occasion requirements.
Application: Not contacting temperature survey industrially, used in metal, glass, the plastics, papermaking,etc., temperature survey of the bearing; Electric equipment: The troubles of cable fitting, switch cupboard, voltage transformer and electricity panel are monitored etc.; Car, microwave oven, air conditioner, gas cooking utensils,etc. products.
Type: IRTP-300LS infrared temperature sensor
Examine the warm range: 0-300 ¡æ
Examine the warm precision:

Some (PT500 wine that traffic police’s side wine is driven and used examines the appearance)

Some (PT500 wine that traffic police’s side wine is driven and used examines the appearance) The characteristic of the products:
Second alarm is adjustable in the alarm point
Two kinds of units are for users to choose (mg/L, mg/100mL)
Temperature unit the switching functionality ‘ Fahrenheit and Centigrade)
It is adjustable to breathe down for time for 1-8 seconds
Breathe down and stop pointing out the function
The alcohol density overruns and points out autoalarm
The dot matrix liquid crystal screen reveals, operate interfaces in Chinese

Some (PT500 wine that traffic police’s side wine is driven and used examines the appearance) Technology joins

Sensor type: Alcohol sensor of the fuel cell

Relative humidity:

The norm uses the flammable gas alarm method

The norm can improve the security of the intensive environment of flammable gas greatly while using the flammable gas alarm, flammable the intersection of gas and alarm it standardizes operation to be to measure rudimentary knowledge that personnel must grasp, as to those personnel who work in the intensive place of flammable gas for a long time, understand standardizing use of flammable gas alarm effectively, can understand the flammable gas which live in the environment is threatened degree in time, thus take the correct counter-measure in time.

The norm uses the flammable gas alarm method :

1,Familiar with devices controlled, understand in detail this kind of device, know what this kind of device may be let out is a bit more concrete, then relevant factors such as the leakage pressure, direction of effective analysis, these points,etc.. Then may let out the leakage severity clicked and divide the grade according to estimating in advance, and the accurate distribution map in the position of drawing popping one’s head of pertinence, mark the grade, for instance heavy, middle, light,etc. or other replacement symbols.

2,Estimate in advance and is clicked and in the environmented, lets out the rough direction leakage, according to the detailed conditions of the place where one stays, the natural factor of judging the air current direction in this place, wind direction,etc. concretely, choose the best erection site.

3,Analyze the density size that may reveal the gas, combine the air flow trend at the same time, make the floating trend picture which leaks the gas, according to its flow direction, set up the scheme of setting up an office in its appropriate position of low reaches for the first time.

4,Analyze that may reveal the general leakage state clicked, for example what may appear leaks, sprays form,etc. and adopts and deals with the prediction scheme a little. To the situation leaking a little, the alarm erection site of flammable gas needs nearing and may be revealed and clicked a little nearer. The situation of a serious nature of letting out etc. that if spray the form, the apparatus needing installing should keep away from and may let out some. These states that may appear need to appeal synthetically finally, plan to make some schemes of final best settlement.

5,Because coming in different sizes to air of density of the flammable gas, the measure in need of it is suitable to take respectivelying is come to treat, the medium regarding the density of those gas is greater than the air, must be when installing checkout equipment mainly, install, in may leak the following that is order while being below, and keep appropriate and concrete, and at the same level. Because the surrounding environment that the flammable gas lives in has difference greatly, must consider this kind of factor while installing the checkout equipment.

The method that the norm uses the flammable gas alarm is setting up in leaking the gas and living in the foundation of the environment, launch detailed analysis according to gas properties that the need measure, living in the environment,etc., just can be regarded as the standard of installing flammable gas alarm, the detailed conditions which may be revealed in accurate detection in the normal work in the future, call the police to point out the staff members who live in the environment in time, take the effective measure dealt with in time, guarantee the losses in respects such as the life, property of the company,etc..

How to deal with the valve body oil seepage of German Ha Wei’s multi-channel valve

How to deal with the valve body oil seepage of German Ha Wei’s multi-channel valve

HAWE Ha Wei PSL and PSV series proportion multi-channel reversal valve differentiate the stepless speed adjustment of applicable fixed displacement pump system and hydraulic power element of the variable displacement pump system, regulate the function and have nothing to do with system load. A plurality of power elements can work at the same time and independently. HAWE Ha Wei PSL and valve in the PSV series proportion multi-channel reversal valve form are mainly applied to walking in the mechanical hydraulic power system (for example: Hoisting machinery, the rig, the engineering machinery,etc.) . Pass and choose the power element A, B oral and respectively different flowrate, and choose to use the valve of all kinds of additional functions

Valve body seepage oil of Ha Wei’s multi-channel valve
There is one to enter the oil port to connect with job pump of the system to enter the oil valve, the return port of the return valve is connected with return port of the system, relief valve( Overflow valve) Control and overflow the oil duct. Should pay attention to some items of following German hawe Ha Wei’s multi-channel valve in dismantling and maintaining:
1.The mounting plate should level, the screw is tightened, strength wants evenly, can’t make the valve body twist.
2.Install drive lever, should guarantee slide valve sport too flexible to there is not stagnat phenomenon of Carlosing.
3.Don’t strike and damage the exposure part of the valve plug while carrying and installing, preserving, the paint does not need japanning on the valve plug hour.
4,The fluid of job should be cleaned, the cleaning degree of fluid and system is not lower than 250440619/16 grades or NA1638 11 grades.
5.Push away, check, use the hydraulic oil N32 ‘ Winter) . N46 (summer) .
6.The rigorous return port connects the high pressure, the back pressure of return port can’t exceed 25 kilograms / one centimetre of German hawe Ha Wei’s multi-channel valves and maintain attentive matters and operating principle

Leak multi-channel reversal valve leak take place, inside, the intersection of job and oil duct and answer oil duct or overflow in the oil duct Xiang Tong, hydraulic oil flow back to directly fuel tank is unable to finish, operate, lead to the fact, get up, rise hydraulic cylinder get up, rise unable or can’t get up rise, the intersection of fork and glide and the intersection of lane and the intersection of person who lean forward and trouble by oneself by oneself
Valve stem and sealing of the valve body are realized by the seal ring of the Model O, if the seal ring is worn out or damaged, the hydraulic oil will be flowed out along the valve stem under the function of systemic pressure, cause the valve body seepage oil. It only needs to change the seal ring of the O-shape to get rid of this trouble.
What the forklift truck adopted is to divide the multi-channel valve of the chip type, the structure of the multi-channel valve of this type is complicated, precision great, this valve includes the outer cover, gets up to promote the valve stem, slopes parts such as valve stem, reset spring, relief valve and cone valve,etc., until inside form, enter oil duct, work oil duct, go back oil duct, overflow oil duct and go back oil duct always, make the hydraulic oil flow in every oil duct under different operating conditions, achieve different working purposes.

Inner leaky reason and exclusion method are: Leak the phenomenon inside
1)Abrade most over No. reversal valves of interval and get up to rise and have three ditch grooves respectively on the tilted valve stem between valve stem and valve body, the cannelure can put through or cut off the oil passage, change the operating mode to cooperate with the oil duct. The interval between valve stem and valve body of the good distributing valve is very small, the oil seepage is few, so the hydraulic cylinder drops or solp is very small, do not influence the work. When but it is too big to abrade the interval, the hydraulic oil is at the pressure that the job pump produces, will cause oil of job in the oil duct and answer oil duct or overflow in the oil duct Xiang Tong, get back to the fuel tank automatically. The reason emerges mainly, because distributing valve long term administration or fluid is unclean,etc. to accelerate the abrasion of the valve stem and valve body, destroy and cooperate with the sealing surface, cause the oil seepage. While repairing if the valve stem abrades lighter, can plate the chrome to polish the valve stem; If the valve stem is abraded seriously, need changing.
( 2) Between the valve body the intersection of oil seepage and oil duct because of job, go back oil duct, overflow oil duct run through between 3 one piece valve bodies, so the leak tightness between the valve bodies requires very, after installing the seal ring of the O-shape between valve body and valve body oil duct, use valve body a Lai of bolt joint, achieve the sealed goal. If firm force moments of the bolt are different, may cause the warping of the valve body. The seal ring fails, leak in producing; If the valve body surface is damaged now or the O-shape ring is worn out or damaged while installing, under the function of oil pressure, easy to leak when happen between the valve bodies. While repairing, if the valve body damages and needs to grind, change the seal ring of the O-shape, and tighten the bolt with the force moment requirement sequentially.

( 3) The safety valve spring invalid relief valve is used in the work of the governing system? ? ? Strength, enable pressure maintenance within the range of suring, prevent damage to the limiting position or other reason and every spare part of hydraulic power system caused of hydraulic cylinder piston, because overloadsing. The relief valve is mainly pressed the steel ball at the valve position and achieves the goal of making, closing by the spring force. When the oil pressure that the hydraulic pump outputted exceeded the fixed number value, the pressure of the high pressure oil was overcome some high pressure oil to overflow in the oil duct by the relief valve and return to the fuel tank. When the oil pressure reaches the specified value, the spring is under the action of force of one’s own preloading, cramp the steel ball at the valve position, the relief valve is closed.
If the safety valve spring fails, the hydraulic oil can force the steel ball to leave the valve position and flow into and overflow the oil duct under the authorised pressure of below system, leak while causing, enable system disappointment. Must change spring repair, then utilize, adjust the screw adjusting spring from pressure to specified 14 Mpa. Load 7.5t goods according to the demand from the loaded centre 600mm while adjusting, is lock when the goods are like not getting up with the locking nut, the pressure at this moment is the pressures needed adjusting.
( 4) The multi-channel communtation valve stem can’t reset the reset spring of valve stem to install at the lower end of the valve stem, whether the valve stem can make the spring compressed in the epistasis or in the downstream, while there is no epigene action, because the elasticity of the spring makes the valve stem return to the original position rapidly. If the valve stem can’t be reset, the ditch groove communicates with oil duct, leak when will emerge. First, because the valve stem reset spring is out of shape or damages, the spring force is lowered but can’t make the valve stem get back to the normal position, must change the spring while repairing; Second, unclean among valve body and valve stem, produce greater resistance, make the valve stem reset the difficulty, the inside that must wash the multi-channel reversal valve while repairing, dispel resistance.
( 5) The conical valve abrades the conical valve and is used for preventing fluid backflow. If the conical valve is abraded, it is not tight to close the group the oil duct, will make the hydraulic oil reflux, enable system disappointment. While repairing, reply it enters to grind or change. Dispel return current.

Shanxi university: What is it about the weak degree of sensitivity of developing the color is low?

Mr. Cheng from Shanxi university related to manager Wu of our company through QQ yesterday morning, this time does Mr. Cheng of Shanxi university want to understand what it is about it is low to make the weak degree of sensitivity of developing the color while doing the test? Permanent far manager Wu has arranged technicians for Mr. Cheng to answer subsequently:

After finishing all experimental procedures and carrying on substrate TMB solutions and developing the color, enzyme guide board is mesoporous to develop the color lighter, namely there is faint signal that appears.
The possible reason which presents this phenomenon:
1.The products pass for effective date, reagent is not as stated to carry on appropriate save.
2.Reagent, the standard product or sample was not equilibrated to the room temperature before inuse.
3.It is improper in proportion to add quantity of reagent little or add the dilution of reagent.
4.Wash the board or add in a kind of course, enzyme marks things and is deactivated by pollution.
5.Incubate time and incubate the temperature and has not met requirements for experimented.
6.The cleansing solution dilution ratio does not fulfil requirements, it is too much to wash the number of times of the board, it is too big to wash the impact force of the board, have the immersion time overlength of board.
7.Time is too short that substrate solution TMB develops the color.

After finishing listening to some comments of the technicians of our company, Mr. Cheng shows: No wonder the public praise of your company is always very good, only rely on serving this and make people convinced very much! There are experiment projects on later stage, will continue keeping cooperation!

Buy our company BIM brand ELISA reagent box, not only there are favours,but also offer cost-free technological guidance and takes the place of and examine serving in the whole journey yet!