Current lifting device / high-current test equipment / great current generator summary

Current lifting device | The high-current test equipment adopts the sealing body / integrative type structure, there is output current that has no grade to adjust, , the load excursion is great, characteristic of working reliably, easily and simply to handle, safely etc. that the electric current rises and equilibrates, it is the industrial and mining enterprises that carry on the upwash or temperature rise test more ideal apparatus.
Another name of the products:
Current lifting device, high-current test equipment, high-current pilot unit, three-phase big current generator, single-phase big current generator, big current generator for a long time, big current generator of full automaticity, big current generator of intelligence, big programme-controlled current generator, walkie multi-functional big current generator, multi-functional big current generator, big current generator, direct-flow current lifting device of temperature rise
The characteristic of the products:
Gather the chip with big current generator high-accuracy sensor and high performance 14 ADs;
The touch type faceplate key set is operated, all functions presume, have improved the safety, reliability of the products through the key set, intelligent working MIDI;
Test, manual upwash to test and assault quick-breakingly and test in optional automatic upwash, operation is flexible and simple;
The output current of real-time display, the time result, reveal ocularly and distinctly;
Complete overcurrent protection, presume the current value of the goal output, electric current upgrade and is able to bear flushing time arbitrarily;
Have the intersection of ground detection and function and go back the intersection of zero detection and function, earth and go back zero can carry on the test confirm, it is safe and reliable
The products adopt the sealing body / monolithic construction based on different volume, weights, have stepless adjustment of output current, steady, such characteristics as the load excursion is great, safe of rising of electric current, can be regarded as the apparatus of current source that the industrial and mining enterprises carry on upwash or temperature rise test.
As new technology and new material are appearing constantly, collect old and new customers’ suggestions and requests extensively, automatic control box adopt top-grade microprocessor, digitization, intelligent ‘ Automatically control with hand operation flexibly and conveniently) Combine together, its survey accuracy is high, powerful, highly reliable, electric control operation is convenient, welcomed by the masses of users.
The big current generator makes up the structure to divide into four components: All automatic Console, circuit breaker, current lifting device, pressure regulator. Large current generator test such as in electrical apparatus according to utility and industrial and mining enterprises: Various switches, current transformers and other electric equipment function as load test of the electric current and temperature rise test and non utility electric installation specially designed and made
Used in protection and check-up current transformer transformation ratio of bus wire,etc., and can check setting to current relay and switch. Domestic weight most light, bring ability most strong to suitable for one the intersection of bus wire and protection and the intersection of check-up and the intersection of current transformer and transformation ratio,etc. year, and can check setting to current relay and switch.
The large current generator is a dry voltage transformer of the low-voltage, heavy current. Suitable for the frequency 50HZ switch, the upwash and load tests of current transformer or other electric equipment. This product adopts the integrated structure, it is comparatively convenient to operate and the data are read, it is the indispensable apparatus that every profession and trade need the high-current place in the electricity is debugged.
This series of products look at volume of the products, weight and adopt the integrative type, separated structure, output current is adjusted electrodelessly, adopt 0.1 grades of standard mutual inductors, digital display, , the load excursion is great, characteristic of working reliably, easily and simply to handle, safely etc. that the electric current rises and equilibrates. It is the industrial and mining enterprises that carry on the upwash or temperature rise test more ideal apparatus.

Detail the vacuum drying oven and find time way and control method

Do you know what is a vacuum drying oven?

The vacuum drying oven is the container body apparatus used for doing the experiment under the vacuum environment, the vacuum drying oven is suitable for the electron, electricity products, for instance the semiconductor, the vacuum of electron, electrical components, crystal plate, industrial chemicals, metallurgical powder,etc. is stored.

Do you know there are several kinds of vacuum drying ovens smoke vacuous ways?

The vacuum drying oven can be vacuumized automatically, can vacuumize manually too.

Do you know the characteristic of the vacuum drying oven?

The cuboid shop, make effective volume reach maximum, the microcomputer temperature controller, it is reliable to control the temperature accurately.

The armoured, bulletproof twin-pane door observes the job indoor object, very clear, can fill with the inactive gas to inside.

The closed elasticity adjustable of container door, integrally formed silicon rubber a seal, guarantee the high vacuum degree in the case.

The shop is made of corrosion resistant plate material, guarantee the products are durable in use, it is easy to clean.

Store, heat, test and dry and can go on during have no oxygen or is full of inert gas atmosphering, will not result in oxidizing.

Shorten drying time, compared with traditional vacuum drying oven, drying time is reduced by more than 50%.

Dry proceeding control:

Dry the vaccum circulation that proceeding control can offer routinization under vacuum, only need to presume highest and scale value of the rough vacuum the most respectively according to the request of you, can further shorten drying time. For example: Circulate through the vacuum of program control, presume minimum vacuum degree 50Pa, the vacuum degree 900Pa of maximum, 6 times in cycle index, drying process is as shown. With the proceeding of every cycle, the humidity is reducing constantly, the drying rate is being obviously accelerated, reachable 99 times of cycle index of maximum.

The control of vacuum degree:

The vacuum drying oven adopts the vacuum degree of digital technical control,

Pay attention to some factors that influence cells to grow

First, temperature:
The suitable temperature trained outside general mammality and poultry’s cell body is 37~38 ¡æ. The temperature is too high or passes the low growth that will influence cells. The ability that cells tolerate the low temperature is better than heatproof ability, at the low temperature, supersession vigor and nuclear fission of cells are reduced. When the temperature is lower than ¡æ0, although influence the cellular metabolism, has not injured function. Put cells at 23~25 ¡æ, cells can still survive and grow, but the speed is slowed down, however, the suitable cultivation temperature of fish’s cells is 23~25 ¡æ. If hypothermia, while dropping to the freezing point, the damaged death because water and afterbirth quality are frozen outside the afterbirth of cell, but if add glycerine or inferior sulphone (DMSO) of two methyl in culture medium When protecting pharmaceuticals, after enclosing in the ampoule, locate in liquid nitrogen or low-temperature refrigerator (- 70 ¡æ) China, can shield, cells can be tolerated at this moment – the temperature between under 70 ¡æ, can store for a long time, cells recover after unfreezing, the hyperplasia that can still continue growing, cell thing properties are free of any. This is a main means to keep cell.
It is disadvantageous that cells are trained to be high-temperature. Cells train 1h at 39~40 ¡æ, it is sure to damage to receive, but still may resume, but can’t stand the temperature and raise 2 ¡æ again, last several hour, namely train 1h at 41~42 ¡æ, it is serious for cell to operate, temperature several cell kill until over 43 ¡æ. The high temperature mainly causes deactivation of enzyme, a kind of lipid destroying, destruction of nuclear fission, producing and solidifying enzyme makes cells solidify, in addition make albumen quality change the sex. So, avoid the high temperature while training cells outside the body.
Second, permeate and press:
Cell in high to permeate in the solution low to ooze in the solution, can happen crease or swelling, breaking immediately. So permeate, it presses to be important terms that external cell train one of. Mammal and other animal organize the intersection of cell body and whom infiltration that granddaughter trained press keep mainly relating to NaCl, can’t ignore other electrolyte and permeate relation that press, permeate, press with unit the intersection of volume and the intersection of solvent and inner molecule of solute counting with the intersection of ion and Lou directly proportional toing. For this reason, it is balanced to control ion in culture medium in certain proportion, it is very important to keep permeating and pressing normally. This is not only for maintaining the cell tension, but also for regulating the supersession of cell. Because ion transport with the intersection of ion and density changing other transport of nutriment outside the cell ‘ For instance amino acid, candy,etc.) ,Influence cells to basically formate the system directly.
Ideal infiltration is pressed and varied with type and race of cells, it is 290mmol/L that people permeate, press blood plasma, considered to be the body and train the ideal of human cells to permeate and pigeonhole. It generally becomes fibrous cells are 250~325mmol/L for 290~300 mmol/L. person embryo lungs that the infiltration of mammalian cells is pressed, mouse’s cells are about 310mmol/L. In practical application, the infiltration of 260~320mmol/L can be suitable for most cells to press. Daily infiltration pigeonholing value of culture medium see tables 2-3.
Third, gas environment and pH value:
Cultivate cells to need ideal gas environment, one of oxygen and carbon dioxide condition necessary for life of stone cell outside the body.
Oxygen participate in three the intersection of carboxyl and acid of cell circulate, produce energy in order to supply, give cell growth, hyperplasia and formate various necessary compositions. Some cells can take advantage of glycolysis and make energy, can’t survive at the time of most single cell hypoxia under the hypoxic condition. The oxygen tension usually maintains at being slightly lower than the atmospheric state, if the partial pressure of oxygen exceeds in the atmosphere the content of oxygen may be harmful to some cells.
2,Carbon dioxide:
While adopting open cultivation ‘ The disc or blake bottle looses and covers training or training the board to train) ,Generally put cells in 95% of the air adds the mist environment of 5% of the carbon dioxide. CO2 is a supersession product of cells, it is a composition needed in growth of cell, and have something to do with pH value of maintaining culture medium. Under the situation that CO2 density is on the low side in the airtight bottle, cells are apt to grow, generally can’t be lower than 1%, otherwise diminish cells. It will make pH value drop that CO2 increases.
3,PH value:
Most cells are suitable for growing in pH7.2 7.4 conditions, it is higher than pH7.6 harmful to cellly to lower than pH6.8 or, it is not the same to even return and change or die the requirements for pH value of various cells. Take the place of, train cell alkaline tolerance in pH value than bad to acid tolerance originally generally, the environment which leans towards acid is useful to growth of more cell than the environment which lean towards alkali. For pH value of keeping training the environment to be invariable, adopt more methods to add buffer such as phosphate into culture medium. Phosphoric acid NaHCO3 in the buffer can supply CO2, but the intersection of CO2 and easy ease produce, suitable for, train while being closed only. Open whether trained or located it while containing the gas environment of 5% CO2. In order to overcome the trouble of NaHCO3 adjustment, can also use carboxyl piperazine Feng sulphur sulfonic acid (N-2

Atto’s Sri Lankan electromagnetic valve seals the material introduction

Atto’s Sri Lankan electromagnetic valve seals the material introduction

Sealant of electromagnetic valve of Atto’s Sri Lankan
Sealant of the electromagnetic valve has three kinds of most frequently used ones at present.
NBR nitrile rubber (nitrile butadiene rubber)
Had by aggregation method Zhi of latex emulsion by butadiene and acrylonitrile, the nitrile rubber mainly adopts the low-temperature latex emulsion aggregation method to produce, it is extremely good to able to bear the oiliness, wearability great, heat resistance is better, adhesive force is strong. Its shortcoming is that low temperature resistance is bad, able to bear ozone difference, electrical properties are inferior, the elasticity is slightly low.
In addition, it also has good water resistance, airtightness and fine bonding characteristic. Used for making and various oil proof rubber products, many kinds of oil proof gasketting, shim, sleeve pipe, soft package, flexible rubber hose, printing and dyeing the rubber roller, cable glue material etc. extensively, become the essential elastic material in trades such as the car, aviation, petroleum, copying,etc..
The nitrile rubber has the fine one that is able to bear the oiliness, it is able to bear oiliness and second only to polysulfide rubber and fluorine rubber, and the wearability that has is kind and dense. Qing Ding not to able to bear ozone, aromatics, halogenated hydrocarbon, ketone and esters solvent in shortcoming of rubber, material of reason of leaving no room for manoeuvre that unsuitable.
Major application of the electromagnetic valve of Atto’s Sri Lankan
The nitrile rubber is used mainly for making oil proof products, such as is able to bear grease nipple, gummed tape, rubbery diaphragm and large-scale oil bag,etc., often used for producing all kinds of oil proof kilowatt meter products, such as O-shape ring, oil seal, leather cup, diaphragm, valve, corrugated pipe,etc., also used for producing blanket and wear-resisting part.
EPDM is ter-polymer of ethylene, propene and two olefin of non- conjugation, began commercial production in 1963. The volume of consumption in whole world is 800,000 tons every year. EPDM most master characteristic is that its superior one is able to bear oxidizing, resisting ozone and resisting the ability to corrode. It is a polyolefin family because of EPDM, it has a fairly good vulcanization characteristic. In all rubbers, EPDM has the lowest proportion. Absorbent a large amount of packing and oil of its but the influence characteristic is not big. So can make the cheap rubber compound of cost.
Molecular structure and characteristic: The ternary ethylene propylene is ter-polymer of ethylene, propene and two olefin of non- conjugation. Two olefin has special structure, the ability copolymerization of one of only two keys, the unsaturated double key is mainly regarded as interlinkage. Another one will become the intersection of polymer and back bone, only can become lateral chain while being unsaturated. Main polymer chain of the ternary ethylene propylene is complete saturation. This characteristic makes the ternary ethylene propylene resist heat, light, oxygen, especially ozone. Ternary ethylene propylene non-polar in essence, have resistance to the intersection of polarity and solution and chemicals, the water absorbing capacity is low, have good insulation characteristics.
1,Low-density and highly-filled;
2,Aging stability;
3,Corrosion resistance;
4,Able to bear the steam characteristic;
5,Heat-resisting and water Yes;
6,Electrical properties;
VITON fluorine rubber (FKM)
The rubber of the molecule inner fluorine-containing, in accordance with content of Fluorine namely monosomatous structure but yes all kinds of; The high temperature resistance of plain rubber of Fluorine that six fluorizating is is superior to the silicon rubber, chemical resistance, able to bear the majority of oil and solvent ‘ Except ketone, esters) ,Weather ability, it is good to able to bear ozone, but the cold resistance is bad; Generally used in the vapour locomotive, second grade product, the seal of the chemical plant, using temperature range – 20 ¡æ- 260 ¡æ extensively, demanding to be able to bear low temperature modifications during use at low temperature be able to choose getting applicable – 40 ¡æ, but price great.

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Solution of simplying analyse the magnetic platform trap door level gauge and using the blind area

The solution of simplying analyse the magnetic platform trap door level gauge and using the blind area:

It is a distance between two flange centres to engrave the magnetic quantum of the platform trap door level gauge of limit company of automatic control equipment of space, and the upper flange reaches the tank deck, it is the so-called blind area that the flange of Laetiporus sulphureus (Bull. Ex Fr.) Bond£® Et Singer. reaches the pot low, but there is not blind area if knowing this distance. It is all right to calculate while designing the shell of tank. Such fitting structure is caused because of operating principle of the magnetic platform trap door level gauge.

There must be length in float at first, there is length even if it is shorter, then when liquid level zero or is close to zero, in order to get the result of precision measure, float must with zero initial to go up, measure liquid level then, so blind area must consider zero the intersection of liquid level and following length of float. Developed according to buoyancy principle and magnetic coupling.

When the liquid level examined in the container goes up and down, the magnetical float in a siphuncle of magnetic platform trap door level gauge is thereupon rise or fall too, the inner permanent magnet steel of float is transmitted to the column indicating device of magnetic turning through magnetic coupling, drive and turn over the column and turn over 180

Wrestler’s happy electromagnetic valve installs principle EV04 the fifth sales department

Wrestler’s happy electromagnetic valve installs the principle EV04
The wrestler can’t exceed happy REXROTH electromagnetic valve minimumly and control the pressure, otherwise will cause the circuit of trouble!
Wrestler’s happy REXROTH electromagnetic valve pressure dew point must be less than environment and medium temperature 15 degrees of C at least, and the maximum temperature allowed is 3 degrees of C.
Wrestler’s happy REXROTH electromagnetic valve compresses the oil content of the air to maitain unchanged during the whole service life.
The wrestler only uses happy REXROTH electromagnetic valve the oil which AVENTICS Company permitted.
The wrestler can’t reach and protect the grade happy REXROTH electromagnetic valve unless installing the plug according to the regulation.
Wrestler’s happy electromagnetic valve installs the principle EV04
Structural characteristic of wrestler’s happy REXROTH electromagnetic valve Carry and move the valve
Wrestler’s happy REXROTH electromagnetic valve control method Analog quantity
The qualified certificate CE of wrestler’s happy REXROTH electromagnetic valve is authorized
Environmental temperature range of wrestler’s happy REXROTH electromagnetic valve 5 degrees of C / 50 degrees of C
Wrestler happy REXROTH electromagnetic valve medium temperature range 5 degrees of C / 50 degrees of C
Wrestler happy REXROTH electromagnetic valve medium Compress the air
Wrestler happy REXROTH electromagnetic valve particle small big max. 50

The cold shermal shock test chamber compressor cools the insufficient influence caused

The compressor that the cold shermal shock test chamber is with bigger power is generally cooling type of steam return. The lower evaporating temperature is, often the smaller systematic mass flow is. When evaporating temperature is very low ‘ Exceed manufacturers’ regulation) ,The enough cooling electrical machinery of flowrate, the electrical machinery will operate at the great temperature. Air cooling type compressor( Generally less than 10HP) The dependence on steam return is small, but there are clear requirements on ambient temperature of the compressor and cooling air flow.
It will cause systematic mass flow to reduce too that shermal shock test chamber refrigerant of cold is let out in a large amount, the cooling of the electrical machinery will be influenced too. Some unwatched refrigeration equipments, will find when the result is very bad to refrigerate often refrigerant has been let out in a large amount.
Will be frequently protected after the excessive heating of the electrical machinery, some users do not check the reason thoroughly, short out the hot protector even, does not last long, the electrical machinery will be burnt. The compressor all have a safe operation condition range, the master consideration of the safe working condition is load and cooling of compressor and electrical machinery.

Arnd in Wuhan believes that it is a environmental manufacturer of test chamber of Central China area to measure the apparatus Co., Ltd., maintain the cold shermal shock test chamber and please contact us if necessary, overhaul to the doorstep free, maintain after sale to have, ensure, maintain price to be favourable.

High-accuracy dust filling machine technical parameter

Powder some sample effect pictures that filling machine bottles show ‘ Can bottle various bottles of bottles pot and bag)

High-accuracy dust filling machine technical parameter
Metering method: The screw bolt is measured ‘ Or the electron is weighed)
The volume of the storage bucket: 20 liters
Apparatus material: It is 304 stainless steel to contact the part of the supplies
Bottle the range: 0.5-500g (vary the spiral attachment)
Bottle the precision:

Function of pectous enzyme

Function of pectous enzyme

Draw in pectous enzyme is mould from the root, can degrade the fruit colloid among cells, enzyme material making cells separated out from organizing. Pectous enzyme is distributed over higher plant and microorganism extensively, based on different its substrate of functions, can be divided into three kinds. Among them two kinds ‘ Pectous esterase enzyme galactose aldehydic acid) with gathering Exist in higher plant and microorganism, another type (pectin cracked enzyme) Exist in the microorganism, especially in some pathogenic microorganisms of infection plant.
Function of pectous enzyme
Pectous enzyme is the most important enzyme in the fruit is processed, employ pectous enzyme to deal with the broken fruit, can accelerate the fruit juice to filter, promote and clarify etc.. The compound enzyme department which adopt pectous enzyme and cellulase makes and fetches the juice of pumpkins, has improved offering juice rate and stability of the pumpkin juice of the pumpkin greatly. And observe the ultra micro-structure of pumpkin pulp cells through scanning the electron microscope, demonstrate the single pectous enzymic preparation or cellulosic enzymic preparation is not so good as the compound enzyme department to the katogene of the pumpkin pulp cell wall far. And for example a new kind of garden stuff processing enzymes- Porridge enzyme ( Contain pectous enzyme, cellulase, half cellulase and protease,etc.) ,Can improve offering juice rate of fruit juice of fruits and vegetables, increase and clarify degree, there is broad application prospect in garden stuff processing.
Pectous enzyme can also be used as antiinfectious enzymic preparation. It is used for burning outside, especially take off scab and reducing hyperplasia of scar, chronic ulcer, bedsore,etc. that some.
Beijing specializes in biochemical reagent consumptive material and produces the producer with sale to asks for Lay treasure Science Technologies Co., Ltd., there are a large number of stock products pectous enzyme, goods number are P8181, it is 1g to often sell the specification. Use the reagent products as the scientific research experiment, pectous enzyme has function of fruit colloid destroyed among cells, promote cells to separate from organizing out, is used in every experiment field extensively.

L8120 Lysozyme dissolves fungus enzyme Amresco 5g bottle
C8260 CellulaseR-10 cellulase R-10 Japan 1g bottle
C8290 CellulaseRS cellulase RS Japan 100mg bottle
C8270 Cellulase cellulosic enzyme Japan 5g bottle

It is that the speciality is engaged in biochemical reagent production in the producer with sale to ask for Lay treasure Science Technologies Co., Ltd. in Beijing, there are a large number of stock products cellulase, goods number are C8270, use the reagent products as the scientific research experiment, cellulase has plant cells to hybridize and study, catalyze and hydrolyze the cellulosic molecule to gather cellulose and candy for being low, can act on 1 in the cellulose, the function of 4 – - D – glucose of ¦Â is used in every experiment field extensively