EPED10TS exceeds the parameter introduction of technical feature of the water purification machine

1.1,Condition of work

  • Enter water and source of water: General urban running water;
  • Enter the strength of water pressure: Water pressure 1- 6kg/cm2, water temperature 5-450C;
  • Working power: 220V/50HZ, electric power: 30-80W.

    1.2,Technical parameter

  • 10L/h;
  • The velocity of flow of water intaking: 1.5-2L/min
  • Produce ink water quality ‘ A machine produces two kinds of water quality at the same time) :

    *Pure water water quality: Conductivity


Strain the application in the hydraulic system of core in HP101L18-1MB sea general Lip river

The products are described: In the hydraulic system, strains the core and is used for straining and getting rid of solid particle and gluey material in the job medium in HP101L18-1MB sea general Lip river, control pollution degree of the job medium effectively. Strain the core to use straining the substitute products after the production domesticization of core to the import equipment of foreign countries in sea general Lip river HY-PRO, adopt and import and strain the material to make, the performance parameter of straining the core reaches the similar level of straining the core abroad, can well substitute sea general Lip river (HYPRO) Strain the use of core.

The type of the products: HP101L18-1MB

The type explains:

1,Serial No.: ( 1) ( 2) ( 3) ( 4) ( 5)

2,Pressure: H-21MPaM-16MPaC-3.0MPaL-1.6MPa

3,Precision: 1-3um3-5um5-12um20-25um

Importance assayed as to the balance weight

Importance assayed as to the balance weight

Measure and assay the balance weight regularly, know the measurement of the balance weight assays method and performance state, guarantee the magnitude of its quality is transmitted accurately, improve the security of clinical practice. Method: The country of Israel measures the standard ” JJG1036-2008 balance weight assays the rules ” It is the basis, use the standard weight to assay the electronic balance. Result: Different parameters assay the influence of the result on the electronic balance differently, through using correct measurement to assay method and working technique, improve accuracy and dependability that the balance weight assays, it can be believed that the ones that so as to ensure to assay the result are true. Conclusion: It is accurate and reliable in order to ensure the electronic balance to measure the result, should pay attention to assaying the question apt to neglect in the course, according to measuring and assaying the rules, combine the comprehensive performance characteristic of the electronic balance to assay strictly.

The electronic balance needs to regulate before not using or using for the first time for a long time, will lead to the fact otherwise that it is relatively large to measure the error, so know the correct calibration method seems very important. It don’t be over 10 ds that the electronic balance is generally weighed and offsetted, d says: Precision of the electronic balance. Person who weigh propose with standard value of weight badly ‘ Difference is being defeated by 5 ds) Should regulate hour. Or the balance moves the position, the temperature difference of the weather should change etc. positive regulating. The electronic balance calibration method mainly relatively includes and the exterior school inside.

First, school in the balance weight:

1,The balance should be preheated, time is probably among 2-3 hours

2,Because the balance should be horizontal in shape, if does not want to set

3,The balance calls a display that should be steady a location when not weighing articles

4,Press ” CAL ” The key, the inside of starting the balance is called regulating the function, the electronic balance reveals ” C ” later ,Show that is regulating inside

5,Show zero as electronic the intersection of balance and display, prove electronic balance should regulate, finish already

If the mistake appears in correction, the electronic balance display will reveal ” Err ” ,It reveal by time getting shorter very,should again zero clearing,it is correct to go on again.

Second, school outside the balance weight

1,The balance should be preheated for more than 30 minutes

2,The balance should be in horizontal state

3,The balance calls a display that should be steady a location when not weighing articles

4,Press ” CAL ” The key, start the calibration function of the balance

5,Weight value revealing the outside corrects the weight on the display of the balance

6,The standard weight that will accord with the precision requirement is put on the title plate of the balance

7,When the display value of the electronic balance does not change, prove the external correction work has already been finished, can take the standard weight out

8,The balance reveals a location is in the state for use

If the mistake appears in correction, the electronic balance display will reveal ” Err ” ,Reveal time getting shorter very,should again zero clearing,it is correct to go on again.

Precise precise department of Shanghai of department MQK4 rotary viscosimeter of Shanghai of the instrument of precise department of Shanghai

The rotary viscosimeter is suitable for determining various fluids and semi-fluid viscosity and flowing to change the sex, can also determine viscosity of motive force of mineral oil, lubricating oil, binder, paint, dyestuffs, ink, structural viscosity,etc.




Measure the range

0.1- 1* 105mPa.s

10- 2* 106mPa.s

Rotational speed of the rotor



Basic error

What factors are simplied analyse and is chosen needing to consider in liquid location timing of the magnetic float?

What factors are simplied analyse and is chosen needing to consider in liquid location timing of the magnetic float?

Count according to buoyancy principle and magnetic coupling principle job in the liquid location of magnetic float. While going up and down in the liquid location that is examined in the container, count thereupon rise or fall too of float in the leading tube in the location of liquid, the permanent magnetic steel in the float is coupled and transmitted to the scene indicator through the magnetism, drive and turn over the column and turn 180 degrees red and in vain, while rising in the location of liquid, turn over the column to transfer from white to red, when the location of liquid drop, turn over the column to transfer from red to white, it is the actual height of the liquid location of medium in a container that the red, white circle of the indicator is located in, thus realize the instruction of the location of liquid.
Choose the location timing of the liquid to consider the following factors:
(1)Measure target, the physical and chemical properties substantially as examining the medium, and working pressure and temperature, installing the speeds of the condition, liquid location change,etc.;
(2)Measure and control request, such as measuring the range, measurement (or control) Accuracy, display mode, instruct live, remote instruction, with the interface, safe and antiseptic, dependability and construction convenience of computer.
The commonly used selecting main point of making allowance for of liquid location is as follows in the water engineering:
a. Count and put a hollow floater in the liquid in the floater type location of liquid, in the location of liquid at the time of the change, the floater will produce the displacement the same as location change of the liquid. Can measure the displacement of the floater with machinery or electricity method, its accuracy is

Function principle of the positioner of samson Samson’s valve

The function principle samson Samson’s valve positioner of the positioner of samson Samson’s valve is a main attachment which controls the valve. It measure signal the intersection of valve stem and the intersection of displacement and signal as feedback that input, output signals so as to the controller as setting for signals, compare, when both offsetting, change its output signal to the executive body, enable the executive body act, has set up displacement quantity of valve stem and controller and outputted a corresponding relation between signals. So, samson Samson’s valve positioner makes up and regards displacement of valve stem as and measures signals, output in order to presume the feedback control system of the signal with the controller. The manipulation variable of this control system is the output signal that the positioner of the valve went to the executive body.
Samson Samson’s valve positioner is divided into pneumatic valve positioner, electricity valve positioner and intellectual valve positioner according to the input signal. The input signal of the pneumatic valve positioner is a standard air signal, for example, 20~100kPa angry signal, it is a standard air signal too that it outputs signals. The input signal of the electric valve positioner is a standard electric current or voltage signal, for example, 4~20mA electric current signal or 1~5V voltage signal,etc., change the electric signal into the electric magnetic force within the electric valve positioner, then output the angry signal and get to stir and control the valve. The electric current signal that it outputs the control room of the positioner of samson Samson’s valve is converted to the air signal which drives the regulating valve, according to the intersection of regulating valve and the intersection of valve stem and frictional force work, offset the intersection of medium and equilibrant that pressure fluctuate and produce, make valve opening correspondent to the electric current signal outputted in control room. And can carry on the intellectual configuration and set up the corresponding parameter and achieve the goal of improving and controlling valve performance.
Samson Samson’s valve positioner can increase the output power of the regulating valve, reduces the situation of regulating the transmission of the signal and lagging behind and takes place, accelerate the movement speed of the valve stem, can improve linearity degree of the valve, overcome the frictional force of the valve stem and not dispel the influence of equilibrant, thus guarantee the correct localization of the regulating valve.
Samson Samson’s valve positioner is divided into pneumatic valve positioner, electricity valve positioner and intellectual valve positioner according to the structure, it is a main attachment of the regulating valve, usually use with the pneumatic regulating valve together, it accepts the output signal of the regulator, then control the pneumatic regulating valve with its output signal, after the movements of the regulating valve, the displacement of the valve stem is feedbacked to the positioner of the valve through the mechanical device, the location state of the valve spreads the location system of giving going through the electric signal.
Positioner function principle ( 1) of samson Samson’s valve The important regulation system used for expecting much in regulating quality, in order to improve localization accuracy and dependability of the regulating valve.
( 2) Used in valve both ends loud to pigeonhole difference ‘ p

The uses and operation method of one hundred grades of working bench of purification

The working bench use of purification of one hundred grades:

One hundred purification one the intersection of laminar flow and apparatus in working bench, have high-efficient clean close operations area, cupboard of air that filter, it is usually as a part of clean laboratory. In recent years, the already extensive operating environment used for needing clean air in biomedical research, pharmacy, space science,etc. of the extremely net working bench.

Through the filtration of the high-efficient filter, the ultra net working bench can get rid of the pollution suspending the particle, bacterium, mould in the air effectively, make the result of check operation offer better result for the fact that clinical in order to can be believed.

The operation method of one hundred grades of working bench of purification:

1,Put through the power

2,Turn on the air blower in 20 minutes ahead of time.

3,The purple exterior light sterilizes in beginning a theatrical performance in 30 minutes ahead of time.

One hundred grades of working bench of purification use attentive matters:

1,Ones that install newly or for a long time before the unused ultra net working bench is used: Must use the ultra net vacuum cleaner or not have fibrous tool to carry on to 100 grades of working bench and surrounding environment of purification clean.

2,It is forbidden to record on the mesa of job, must try hard to avoid making the movements that obviously upsets the air current while working.

3,At the one hundred the intersection of purification and the intersection of job and mesa, Wuhan wind drench the intersection of room and article need it is unnecessary to be depositedding, in order to keep the clean air current in the workspace flowing normally, without interruption.

Working bench advantage and structure of purification of one hundred grades:

The advantage of purifying the operation platform is easy to operate freely, more comfortable, operation is high in efficiency, prepare time short, start the machine for more than 10 minutes namely operability, can basically use at any time. In factory produce, it inoculates operation to be very large in quantity, need frequently for a long time operate, it is a very ideal apparatus to purify the platform. Purifying the platform is done the pneumatic strength of drum by the three-phase electrical machinery, power about 145- 260W, passes the air by the purpose-built capillary foamed plastics a slice of range upon range of ” super filters ” made up jointly And then blow out, aseptic purification air laminar flow of dust does not to form the successive one, namely as it always goes, ” The high-efficient special air ” ,It removes dust of greater than 0.31m, fungi and bacterium spore,etc.. Purify velocity of flow of air for 24- 30m/min, this prevent pollution that nearby air might harass and cause from enough already, such a velocity of flow will not hinder adopting alcohol burner or firing and sterilizing to the apparatus,etc. of Bunsen burner either. Personnel operate operation under such a aseptic condition, keep the aseptic material not being polluted in the course of shifting and inoculating. Operate, meet, lose electrical power midway, exposed to, filter material in the air, escape by luck pollution while being difficult. Should finish operation rapidly at this moment, and make marks on the bottle, if material inside is at proliferating stage, will be no longer used as proliferating and changing over to and taking root to train afterwards. If is general production materials, because extremely abundant can also remove. For instance can plant and use after waiting until during the course of taking root.

Purify a power of operation and adopt more three-phase Line four systems, among them there is a Line zero, connect the outer cover of machine, should connect firm on the line of ground, in addition the strategic hinterlands of China are all lines of looks, the operation voltage is 380V. The the strategic hinterland of China has certain orders in the circuit to insert, such as the end of a thread has been connected by mistake, the wind chance overturns, the sound is normal or slightly abnormal at this moment, it is calm to purify a front(can observe sound with the alcohol lights flame, should not try for a long time) ,Should cut off power in time, exchange at position answer and then among them any double-phase end of a thread, can solve. Like only inserting two phase, or there is a phase that keep in touch in three phases badly in the three-phase line, then the machine sound is very abnormal, should cut off the power to overhaul carefully immediately, otherwise will burn the electrical machinery.

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Principle of running of pulling force machine

The drawn experiment of the tensile testing machine: Tensile test ( Stress- The emergency is tested) Generally insert material sample both ends on two clamps keeping at a certain distance away separately, two jigs determine the stress alternation on samples by certain separation of speed and drawn sample, until the sample is destroyed.

The compression test of the tensile testing machine: It last clamp sample have,on transport to sample in downward shift by certain speed clamp presser plate, touch samples, exert certain strength, until the sample is destroyed.

Then can calculate tensile strength, shear strength, peel strength through the software, proof stress, the ring presses results such as intensity,etc..

Tough permanent instrument, specialized tensile testing machine manufacturer, professional to make metal tensile testing machine, compression testing machine of the spring, electronic pulling force machine, omnipotent drawn testing machine, the thermostatical drum air-dries the dry case, constant temperature and humidity trains the case, testing machine of constant temperature and humidity, material test chamber, aging test chamber, aging test chamber of ultraviolet ray, cold shermal shock test chamber, dry the fastness appearance in the sun, sulfurize the appearance, curing appearance, there is not trochanter that sulfurize the appearance, Buddhist nun’s degree of viscosity of the door, tensile testing machine, impact testing machine, leave the ball impact testing machine, impact testing machine of the cantilever beam, open glue smelting machine, pulling force test machine, 1kn electronic tensile testing machine, more details please log on www.jsrhjx.com or to dial 0514-86277989

Gibco heat deactivates bovine plasma of fetus

The intelligent tip living beings in Shanghai offer source cells STR to people to determine that serve, the price is very cheap, 800 yuan each, quantity is great more excellent, offer the concrete laboratory report. Except that people’s source cells (click in 11 the unit point more than 9 attitude location where ATCC recommends) Appraise it outside, offer the little mouse strain to appraise (SNP method) And little mouse cell STR dividing types are appraised ‘ 9 STR person order and two the intersection of people and source pollute the location to order) .

SNP dividing experience for 10 years of living beings of the intelligent tip, SNP dividing data nearly ten million already finished, adopt several hundred SCI theses that LDR technology publishes, and 3 are published on the international top periodical Nature Genetics. Price with competitiveness of market! Our company has SNP dividing types to serve; STR dividing type; Molecular genetics, molecular biology service (the intersection of SNP/STR and person who divide into, the intersection of CNV and measure, check order, Real time qPCR, the intersection of microRNA and detection, MCF gene expression analyticl system, customize PCR array)

TUNEL cell wither and die to measure (TUNEL Apoptosis Assay) Detection method of dying that it is a high sensitivity and fast and simple and convenient cell to wither. The cells measuring in staying or organizing samples, step of developing the color through biotin mark and subsequent DAB etc., can observe under the ordinary optical microscope and wither and die cells.

Cells will activate and cut enzyme in some DNA while withering and dying, these will cut off the genome DNA among the core small body to cut enzyme inside. Extraction DNA measures electric swimming, can find DNA ladder of 180-200bp when cells wither and die.

When the genome DNA ruptures, exposed 3

Operation principle Z011 the fifth sales department of EBRO butterfly’s valve

Operation principle Z011-A of EBRO butterfly’s valve
EBRO inserts butterfly’s valve to EBRO in accordance with Boluo in accordance with the main products of valve of butterfly of Boluo, EBRO depends on the whorl butterfly’s valve in Boluo, EBRO is in accordance with butterfly’s valve of double flange of Boluo, EBRO is in accordance with the specialized butterfly’s valve of Boluo pipeline, EBRO depends on the antiseptic butterfly’s valve of Boluo etc. in accordance with wear-resisting butterfly’s valve and EBRO of Boluo.
EBRO is used in the pipeline of gas in sulfuric acid trade in accordance with the valve of butterfly of Boluo: The intersection of air-blower and entrances and exits in front of the stove, the intersection of relay and the intersection of air blower and entrances and exits, electricity defog connect in series and UNICOM valve, S02 main air-blower entrances and exits, the transforming device is regulated, preheater entrances and exits,etc. regulate and end the use of tolerance.
EBRO used in whom sulfur make in the sour system, burn sulphur, transform, do, suck section in accordance with the intersection of Boluo and the intersection of butterfly and valve, it is sulfur that make sour the intersection of device and first-selected brand to spend valve, think to be by the masses of users: It is of good performance to seal, it is light to operate, pair is corroded, high temperature resistant, easy to operate, flexible and using the safe and reliable butterfly valve, have been popularized in a large amount.
EBRO is still used in the valve of butterfly of Boluo extensively: Chemical industry, petrochemical industry, smelt, medicine, SO2 in trades such as the food,etc., steam, air, coal gas, as regulating and damming the device to use on the pipeline of mediums such as ammonia, CO2 are angry, oil, water, brine, lye, sea water, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid,etc..
Operation principle Z011-A of EBRO butterfly’s valve
EBRO depends on the structural characteristic of the valve of butterfly of Boluo
EBRO makes to the unique design of off-centre in accordance with the butterfly valve three of Boluo not to rub transmission between the sealed surfaces, have lengthened the service life of valve.
EBRO is produced and seals flexibly from the torsion in accordance with the valve of butterfly of Boluo.
EBRO valve ingenious to design, make valve have, imprison urgent automatic sealed function while being Tenneco in accordance with the intersection of Boluo and butterfly, there are compensating nature, zero that are let out between the sealed surfaces.
EBRO is small, light and operating light and handily, easy to install in accordance with the valve of butterfly of Boluo.
EBRO can dispose the pneumatic, electronic device according to user’s request in accordance with the valve of butterfly of Boluo, meet demands of remote control and programmed control.
EBRO changes the part material and suitable for various mediums in accordance with the valve of butterfly of Boluo, and can carry on linings antiseptically (line with F46, GXPP, PO,etc.) .
EBRO depends on the structural diversification continuously of the valve of butterfly of Boluo: Clash, flange, it is right to weld.
WIELAND majestic thinkling sound; KNF; GAST good bodyguard reaches; EBRO depends on Boluo; CRYDOM reaches quickly; DATASENSOR emperor thinks; BAUMER fort alliance; PRECISA general favourable Sив ez; TECSIS ; KRACHT Clark; SITEMA fills in the special agate; NOVOTECHNIK; MEAS; WATTS Werth
Operation principle Z011-A of EBRO butterfly’s valve
It is a disk-shaped butterfly board that EBRO opens and closes one in accordance with the valve of butterfly of Boluo, EBRO revolves round its own axis in the body of valve in accordance with the valve of butterfly of Boluo, EBRO calls the butterfly valves in accordance with the valve to reach and open and close or regulate of valve of butterfly of Boluo. Butterfly valve reach, imprison, smaller than 900 usually all all, EBRO depend on Boluo butterfly valve and butterfly pole effective lock, for butterfly’s localization on board, EBRO should install the worm gear decelerator additionally on the valve stem in accordance with the valve of butterfly of Boluo. Adopt the worm gear decelerator, EBRO not merely can make butterfly’s board have from lock ability in accordance with the valve of butterfly of Boluo, make butterfly’s board stop on the arbitrary position, EBRO still can improve the performance of the valve in accordance with the valve of butterfly of Boluo. Industry specialized EBRO is in accordance with the characteristic ability high temperature of the valve of valve of butterfly of Boluo, it is relatively tall too that EBRO depends on the applicable pressure range of the valve of butterfly of Boluo, valve nominal coherent foot-path large, EBRO adopt the intersection of carbon and steel make in accordance with the intersection of Boluo and the intersection of butterfly and the intersection of valve and the intersection of valve and body, valve seal of board encloses and replaces the rubber ring with metal ring. EBRO adopts the stencil plate to weld and make in accordance with the large-scale high-temperature butterfly’s valve of valve of butterfly of Boluo, EBRO is used mainly in the cigarette tunnels and gas pipings of the high-temperature medium in accordance with the valve of butterfly of Boluo.
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