Skid and measure the device XLDHII operation principle

First, summary
This machine is used for taking the new device carrying on linear detection to the conveyer rapidly, monitor to taking in real time rapidly, the glue that has already applied to the conveyer system extensively is taken, have offered reliable detection means for safe operation of the sealing-tape machine.

Second, technical parameter
1,Use the environmental condition
A, ambient temperature: -From 15 ¡æ to 40 ¡æ
B, relative humidity: Not greater than 80%
2,Main technical parameter
A, working voltage: 220VAC

Application analysis of the flange spacer material

The valve is that various pipelines employ the essential apparatus, are used and reduced expenditure, broken inter-item transfer in various pipelines. But the flange connection of the valve is essential, it leaks the question of the thick liquid concerning the pipeline, it depends on the flange spacer in accordance with leaking the thick liquid that the flange is chained. At present, the commonly used flange spacer of valve has the following forms, among them interval of the flanges are different to some extent too: 1, The middle of the soft graphite compound spacer of compound spacer of soft graphite is 0.5mm thick carbon stencil plate or stainless steel board, there is soft graphite layer that is covered with on stencil plate, the total thickness is about 3mm. There is the certain one back to the elasticity after compressing in this kind of spacer, and will not cause the destruction of the spacer because of compressing tightly strength too big, there are certain intervals to hit the flange. 2,The rubbery asbestos board spacer rubbery asbestos board spacer is suitable for the operating modes of low pressure and water system. The deformation amount of this kind of spacer is small, the elasticity of going back is relatively bad. If use under the high-temperature operating mode, the bolt is influenced by temperature and extends, the spacer can’t compensate by its elasticity intervals produced, and only increase and compress tightly strength in making the flange keep sealed. Use this kind of spacer as the seal, there must be intervals in the flange. Also just because of adopting the habit of the rubbery asbestos board spacer for many years, make some applying unit no matter flange what material and form spacer adopt and require the flange to ask the crack without exception. In fact, the valve used in craft pipeline of petrochemical industry enterprises now has already basically no longer adopted the rubbery asbestos board spacer. 3,The metal wave form spacer metal wave form spacer is is pressed or rolled to press on the surface of the spacer and forms the ripple shape by the mild steel of about 0.8mm of thickness. After the spacer is compressed tightly, the flange reaches and seals in it is out of shape and makes from the crest. Because the spacer is very thin, its thickness is only about 0.5mm after being out of shape, can’t watch there are obvious intervals in the flange, basically belong to and has not asked the crack. 4,The twining spacer uses the twining spacer to let the flange not there is not interval in the valve is chained, may seem that there are intervals in appearance, but there is not interval. But realization of compression amount of the spacer that the sealed function of the twining spacer utilizes body of valve to stop the mouth and accuse of flying swiftly deeply. The compression amount of the twining spacer is generally 0.8- 1.2mm. In compressing tightly the structural design of the spacer, the thickness of the twining spacer is higher than the body of valve and stop the mouth deep 0.8- 1.2mm, among them after flange two level depend on urgent, spacer pigeonhole coiling up amount in the fixed range promptly at this moment. Under the intersection of operating mode and terms, vary with the temperature, seal than pigeonhole from spacer that the bolt extend and reduce, can be by the compensating back to the elasticity of the spacer, thus no leakage will take place in the flange spacer while guaranteeing.

Second sales department in the original packaging treasure Germany BURKERT pneumatic valve operation principle

The rocker arm electromagnetic valve low power dissipation of two three direct links of moving the formula directly, the body of polyamide valve, direct-flow coil.

The treasure Germany BURKERT pneumatic valve imports and authorizes agency’s technical parameter
Inner hole DN 0.9 and 1.2 mm
Body material PA (polyamide) of valve
Sealed material FKM
The medium compresses air, neutral gas (5 mu; m Filter)
Medium temperature – 10 to 55 deg; C
Environmental temperature – 10 to 55 deg; C
Connect a bottom Burkert flange, the side Cnomo flange
The voltage permits difference

Using the attentive matters of operation of portable pressure source

Portable pressure source operation attentive matters:
1. Before using, turned on the intersection of note and the intersection of liquid and mouth, supplemented the medium clean voltage transformer oil or clean hydraulic oil (or purified water. While using, it is in keeping in touch with state that the note liquid one is unscrewed.

2.Step up and assay: Do not need tools to connect the good standard and examine the pressure instrument, open the steady voltage valve manually, twist the pressurized fine setting in place counterclockwise, open and suck the liquid valve, the clockwise rotation presses fine setting in advance, twisted it in place all the time. Open and suck the liquid valve, will press and finely tune the anticlockwise in advance, the liquid will enter a of body of system automatically; Turn pressing fine setting clockwise in advance, when the manometer reveals the pressure as 2-3MPA, close the steady voltage valve, at with if you can’t pressurize first, examining by fixed position,than to after record by data. Continue, pressurize, carry on the intersection of pressure and instrument rise other the intersection of pressure and examination of each point of course with pressurized handwheel.

3. Step down and assay: Counterclockwise to rotate the pressurized fine setting slowly, when the pressure drops to examining by fixed position first, record the data after than correctly. Then carry on the intersection of pressure and instrument step down other the intersection of pressure and examination of each point of course.

4. The zero point is assayed: Open and suck the liquid valve, open the steady voltage valve, assay the zero point.

5.Negative pressure is appraised: Will press fine setting in advance, will fasten to the end, pressurized fine setting, fasten to the end, close and suck the liquid valve, open the steady voltage valve, rotate and press fine setting in advance counterclockwise, while examining by fixed position first, record the data after than correctly. Then carry on the examination of other pressure points. Backward stroke is appraised, turn pressing fine setting clockwise in advance, appraise the backward stroke of each point.

6. Assay and finish: Pull down the instrument examined manually, stop up one and each export the mouth well with the spiral shell worn at random, in case the dust impurity is entered; Tighten the note liquid one, in case the liquid is let out.

Portable pressure source attentive matters:

1. The instrument and apparatus with impurity must be washed before assaying.

2. When the instrument with strong corrosive medium is connected with this apparatus, must wash with chlorine carbon solution.

3. There are the interface whorl terminal surface of instrument examineds while damaging, may export the mouth to let out. Please dispose the transition that our company produce and connect and seal aluminium cushion.

4. Use, please export mouth, close each, fuel-injection mouth tighten, deposite clean dry in.

5. Have a large number of impurity and oxide because of a of memory of table examined, propose the liquid filter of our company of buy rations.

6. Forbid using this apparatus and other apparatuses with, forbid exceeding the use of specified pressure of this apparatus.

Expand and read: Pressure source

Portable deep water sampling device function and using

Portable the intersection of deep water and person who sample for towns and villages all over the country, reservoir, deep well water body, go on sample hierarchically sample the apparatus specializedly. Can be according to needing to gather the water sample of the particular depth. The sampling device and promotes the part of a wheel two to make up from the water collecting device. Collect 1.2 liters of water device and store the water bottle, control valve, counterweight cup, outer cover and rope cable. Promote and include in a wheel; Support, rope cable wheel, guide pulley and deep counter, place the support on the bridgehead or bow to hang the vacancy while using, wave handles, collecting the water device rope cable will collect the water device to sink to the surface of water along the guide pulley. The deep counter begins to count at this moment, while reaching the surface of water the zero clearing of the deep counter, continue collecting the water device to sink. When the counter reveals the necessary depth, will shake the handle from the lock. Press and control the valve key to be opened and controlled the valve, the water sample is gathered, close and control the valve and wave handles and promote the water collecting device to sample movements.

Portable deep water sampling device function:
Charging power, it is easy to carry, is suitable for the place without power
Right to mix the apt installing pump head, it is easy and simple to handle and apt to wash
Import the portable driver, the rotational speed 0-1800 rpm stepless speed regulation, positive and negative turns reversible
Can gather the liquid of high viscosity of high proportion, can be gathered and included the firm shape thing particle to mix and hangs the liquid, can be sampled hierarchically, suck Cheng, can up to 8 meters while being most dark.

The portable deep water sampling device uses:
Specialized pump, environment monitoring, water treatment, liquid take a sample to take a sample in the field.
Use continuously or disconnectedly, can be used in the sampling hierarchically of water quality

Pay attention to the main point in operation of the high-temperature muffle furnace

1.It is excellent and very fragile that the muffle furnace is heated, fragile, don’t touch, after an arbitrary one is heated excellently and damaged, the apparatus is unable to heat, and it is relatively expensive to change.

2.Switch horse, at the furnace gate, light to turn on light to imprison, prevent the furnace gate from damaging, it is not tight to seal.

3.While using the muffle furnace, switch order, turn on the power first, and then turn on and heat, adjust the temperature finally, instead, there is no order to require while shut downing in the order.

4.At the time of over 900 ¡æ when high-temperature of muffle furnace, can’t turn on the furnace gate, prevent the cold air from causing and heating excellently and surging the cold brittle rupture.

5.The high temperature of the muffle furnace at high-temperature stage, if want to lower the temperature, can’t open the door and lower the temperature directly, need to close the power or adjust the temperature and lower the temperature.

6.When the muffle furnace is at over 1200 ¡æ, the human eye can’t be seen within the muffle furnace directly, it may cause the human eye to burn that the high temperature is heated excellently and high light.

7.While heating articles, pay attention to article melting points, need to put articles in the high temperature resistant ware, if heat articles to melt, flow in the burner hearth directly, cause the burner hearth to be damaged, the muffle furnace is unrenewable.

8.Intensify stage, the electric current of the muffle furnace transfers to 90%, at stage of keeping warm, the muffle furnace electric current transfers to 50%.

9.Change and overhaul the apparatus and turn off the power master switch, especially while changing silicon molybdenum stick, apparatus state and detail before and it is clear to write and change.

10.Users do oneself well to protect: High-temperature glove and protecting the glasses.

11.While adjusting the temperature, first two sections of temperatures can’t be adjusted, first two sections of temperatures, in order to protect the apparatus, if shift artificially, will cause silicon molybdenum excellently to damage.

12.Do not understand that does not move! ! !

5000KN, against the technological scheme of the strength frame

5000KN is against the technological scheme of the strength frame:
1,Against a bearing capacity of strength: 5000KN
2,Against an experimental space of strength: 850mm
3,Against a net weight of strength: 1850Kg
4,The greatest experimental strength of the dynamometry system: 5000KN
5,The precision of showing value: ¡À 0.03% FS, ¡À 0.05% FS (linearity lag behind repetitiveness)
6,Have allowed load: 150%FS
7,Allow the temperature range: -30- 70 ¡æ/ 85 ¡æ
8,Output sensitivity: 2¡À 0.5mv
Against the main attentive matters of strength frame:
1,While using the engineering plastics to try the mould, should read the technical specification conscientiously, is familiar with technical indicator, working performance, operation method, attentive matters, follow the fixed step of the operation instruction of the instrument to operate strictly.
2,Use the engineering plastics to try mould personnel for the first time, must operate under the guidance of skilled personnel, can operate independently after grasping skillfully.
3,The engineering plastics used at the time of the experiment are tried on to models, should be rationally distributed, put it neatly, it is easy to operate, observe and record etc..
Note: Our company have many kinds of specification against force shelf, 100 tons and 1000 tons, can customize according to customer’s request another, internal space, largest tonnage,etc., guarantee to fit user’s requirement. Frame manometer against strength of every tonnage that and form a complete set and against the strength frame sensor.

Operating principle introduction to carbon and sulphur analysis meter

Carbon and sulphur analysis meter High-carbon, low carbon and high sulphur, low sulfur auto-switch, electric resistance furnace and high-frequency stove switch over, such advantages as high sensitivity, characteristic are stable, the analysis result is accurate and reliable, the measurement limit wide and use is wide each other, used mainly in metallurgy, machinery, carbons in the material such as the ferrous metal, coloured belonging to, rare earth metal inorganic matter, ore, pottery in trades such as commodity inspection, scientific research, chemical industry,etc.,etc., sulphur element content analysis.

Carbon and sulphur analysis meter Operating principle: Carrier gas ( Oxygen) After purifying, introduce into the combustion furnace (the electric resistance furnace or high-frequency stove) ,The sample is oxidized under the high temperature of the combustion furnace through the oxygen, make carbon and sulphur in the sample oxidize as CO2, CO and SO2, oxides produced are loaded by the oxygen to sulphur to measure the pool to determine sulphur through dusting and after dehydrating the anti-pollution device. Hereafter, the mist which contained CO2, CO, SO2 and O2 entered catalyst stove heated together, change CO

From lectotype to maintain the complete collections of most frequently used instrument knowledge of the factory

Pressure gauge kind is numerous, it is not merely generally (ordinary) The pointing out type of the indicator, the figure having type; Not merely have a routine type, the special type having type; Not merely have a joint type, the remote transmitting having type; Not merely able to bear vibration modes, there are ruggedized types; Not only not merely septate type, but also corrosion resisting type, etc.

Lectotype of the pressure gauge

The type of the pressure gauge represents the method

Y – pressure, Z – vacuum or damping, B – unexplosive or standard;

J – precision or rectangle, A – ammonia table, X – signal or electric contact;

X C – magnetic assistant electric contact, P – diaphragm, E – diaphragm capsule;

F – antisepticize,N – shock-proof,bourdon tube T,stainless steel B when.

Y T F show it becomes rusty to be just pressure gauge;

Y A shows ammonia uses the pressure gauge;

Y X C represents the pressure gage with electric contact;

Y Z represents the vaccum pressure gauge;

Y Y represents the acetylen gauge;

Y O represents the heat-resisting pressure gauge;

Y H represents hydrogen pressure gauge,etc..

YQ, YQF serial two-step pressure regulators mainly suitable for inputting the pressure and needing fine control and analytical instrument adjusted, instrument and equipment, electric utility industry, and other instruments and apparatuses in environment protecting mode.

Also suitable for having no corrosivity (series YQ) Or there is corrosivity (series YQF) And standard for mist in air,for steel cylinder source of the gases high-pressures gaseous carry on accurate after not regulating, send into the instrument and equipment.

The general meaning has these, but have different meaning to reach different producers specifically, connection that if doubt invites Hao instrument Co., Ltd. of department of Huaian

Different pressure gauge usable conditions

Y-60/100/150 ordinary pressure gauge

Applicable measurement has not exploded, non-crystallizable, does not solidify, have no liquid, gas or steaming pressure of corrosive action at copper and copper alloy.

Use the operating temperature: -40 ¡æ- 70 ¡æ, the instrument carries out the standard: GB/T1226-2001.

YN-50/60/100/150 shock-proof pressure gauge

Suitable for shaking the place vigorously in environment, can tolerate the pulsation of the medium, assaulted and unloaded suddenly, the gauge reading is steady and clear and steady.

Apply to departments such as the machinery, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, mine, electricity,etc. extensively, measure it to copper and copper alloy pressure without corrosivity medium. Have long performance life, it is substitute products of the ordinary pressure gauge. Protection grade IP65.

Y-60BF/100BF/150BF all stainless steel pressure gauges

The instruments all adopt the stainless steel material to make, the major part adopts OCr18Ni12Mo2Ti material, suitable for having gas atmosphere of corrosivity, can measure the pressure of the corrosivity high medium, apply to industry such as the petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy extensively.

Classify according to the measurement limit of pressure gauge

Divided into vacuum meter, combined pressure and vacuum gauge, microbarometer, low meter pressing, middle meter pressing and high pressure gauge.

The vacuum meter is used for measuring the pressure value of less than atmospheric pressure; The combined pressure and vacuum gauge is used for measuring the pressure value which is smaller than and greater than the atmospheric pressure; The microbarometer is used for measuring the pressure value of less than 60000 Pa.

The low meter pressing is used for measuring 0~6MPa pressure value; China meter pressing is used for measuring 10~60MPa pressure value; The high pressure gauge is used for measuring above 100MPa pressure value.

Classify according to the pressure gauge display mode

The pressure gauge is divided into indicator pressure gauge and digital pressure gauge according to its display mode.

The shell of the shock-proof pressure gauge of the shock-proof pressure gauge is made into the whole seal structure, and pack the damping oil in the shell, because damping function its can use in the intersection of job and ambient vibration or medium pressure ‘ Load) Measurement place of pulsation.

The electric contact pressure watchband has pressure gauge of the controlled switch of electric contact, can realize the call-sending calls the police or control function.

The watchband of pressure of remote transmitting has pressure gauge of the remote transmitting organization, can offer the required electric signal (such as the resistance signal or standard DC current signal) in industrial engineering .

Diaphragm-seal gauge lack of mutual understanding that table uses isolater ‘ Chemistry is sealed) Can isolate the measured meidum from instrument through isolating the diaphragm, in order to measure the pressure of strong corrosion, high temperature, apt crystalline medium.

Memory type pressure gauge, when the component examined is applied, black pressure reveal indicator can drive the intersection of red and the intersection of memory and indicator reach the pressure instruct, enter for not having pressure? ? ? When, black pressure can reveal indicator zero adjustment, and red the intersection of memory and indicator will stay in the intersection of the pressure and expicity position just, let staff members know the expicity number value of operating pressure clearly, act as the bearing.
Classified and can be divided into a precision pressure gauge, general-purpose pressure gauge according to the accuracy of measurements of the pressure gauge.

The accuracy class of measurement of the precision pressure gauge is 0.1, 0.16, 0.25, 0.4 grades respectively; The accuracy class of measurement of the general-purpose pressure gauge is 1.0, 1.6, 2.5, 4.0 grades respectively.

According to the basic reference classification of the pressure gauge indicated pressure

Pressure gauges are different according to the basic references of their indicated pressures, divided into general-purpose pressure gauge, absolute pressure gage, difference meter pressing.

The general-purpose pressure gauge is on a basis of atmospheric pressure; The hopeless meter pressing is on a basis of zero bit of absolute pressure; Difference meter pressing measures the difference of two sensed pressures.

Technical article- Shanghai would rather pass the electronic weighing apparatus Co., Ltd.

Which are the standard of measurement of electronic forklift truck balance

At the balance for load the apparatus, weigh a kind of measuring apparatu of the object in the course of loading electronic forklift truck. The electronic forklift truck balance can offer the thing weighed

Accumulative total value and printing list of the body. The electronic scale of forklift truck is that one kind is car-mounted to weigh the apparatus, control and integrate partly with car-mounted machinery as an organic whole,

Realize and weigh in the car loads and carries on. The electronic forklift truck balance is close to the switch and weigh the position to monitor to confirming in advance through one, hydraulic pressure

Change and realize and weigh for loaded weight in the scraper bowl. It has two kinds of work patterns: Goal mode and accumulating the mode, according to the attenbant

Choice,can automatically or not deduct until load go on let’s accumulate from goal presuming value their.

The standard of measurement of the electronic forklift truck balance:

The forklift truck balance uses the measurement unit as gram, kilogram, ton;

The accuracy grade should reach Y (b) according to the statement of the manufacturing enterprise Requirement for one grade of balances;

Electronic the intersection of forklift truck and data plate, the intersection of surface and edition or the intersection of table and first class obvious position of balance should mark, measure legal system, indicate, annotate with measuring apparatu;

The electronic forklift truck balance does not allow users to adjust by oneself.

The electronic forklift truck balance is divided for the wide fork, narrow fork is two pieces of size, Shanghai would rather not dimension customizing to pass according to the customer. The details would rather pass the customer service while contacting Shanghai.