Main performance characteristic of check gauge of relay protection

Main performance characteristic of check gauge of relay protection

Sum up:

Express gratitude to your unit for condescending to inquire, using the products that our company produced at first. Shanghai come, raise electric Science Technologies Co., Ltd., develop gas speciality ‘ Gas) Hi-Tech company of the check gauge of the relay. Release the national electric sector standard with Document No. 209 of science and technology 1994 with electricity portion <<QJ

The sewage disposal of Xinjiang adds the overall scheme of the medicine device automatically

The sewage disposal of Xinjiang adds the overall scheme of the medicine device automatically

Add the intersection of medicine and the intersection of device and use add medicine device whether a have, offer medicine, stir, transport liquid, automatically control with integrative complete sets, collect and lose the dehydration process system on the original water, boiler feed water, ground of oil field where he is widely used in the power plant, various medicine systems and process systems of the waste water of petrochemical industry. Such as throw, add coagulant, phosphate, the intersection of ammonia and liquid, lime water, water quality stabilizer ‘ Delay and lose pharmaceuticals) , hinder the intersection of dirt and pharmaceutical, liquid insecticide,etc.. The structural principle of the work: Add the medicine device from solution case mainly, stir the case ‘ Take the agitator) , measurement pump, the intersection of liquid and location count, not automatically controlled cupboard, pipeline, valve, check damper, manometer, filter, base, escalator,etc., make up ‘ Can dispose according to user’s actual requirement) . Add the medicine device according to the necessary medicine density, formulate in stiring the case, put into solution case after it is even to stir by the agitator, with the measurement pump (add the medicine pump) Send solutions formulated in clicking or designated system of offering medicine. Adding the medicine device in a complete set has compact, safe and simple, such characteristics as operation is simple and convenient. This device can also carry on the pointed design, essential part of disposition according to the request of user’s different technological process, realize function suit ‘ If control automatically and long-range) , economical and practical [9 ].

Overall scheme of chapter two

2.1 whole devices of introductions

On-the-spot picture of sewage disposal of Fig. 2.1

( 1) Originally design consulting the automatic medicine system craft of sewage treatment plant of crossing of Zhuzhou county to design, such as Fig. 2-1, this system has high and accurate measuring apparatus, has avoided wasting, easy operation is maintained, make the apparatus more human orientation, have powders and liquid state (apolegamy) Automatic the intersection of feedstock and function design and resist, condense, heat go wet function, a unique one dilute structure online, expand ability of running of the apparatus, there is the proportion that allocates the function, can adjust the density of medicinal solution disposed arbitrarily according to the actual demand, make medicinal solution that formulate to be density even and moderate, through programmable the intersection of PLC and device, available to realize, await the opportune moment the intersection of time and automatic intermittence or stop stir function alternately, make medicinal solution formulated keep most adding the result of use forever, formulate the corresponding sensor, make the control of a whole set of device more complete, can also select the man-machine interface for use and control the system.

( 2) Make up a prescription for two cases of superposing type in its characteristic of apparatus, the floor space is small, medicinal solution is steady in density, the batch active and high continuously, the powder vacuum of material suck or the loud bag is airtight shoots adding, dust is not polluted and lightened artificial labour intensity, is not limited by the shape of the supplies, can reach the firm liquid state and concurrently use, the dry powder is furnished with the pneumatic valve for the material export, and electricity heats the system,

Know a hall, prevent the material powder from being made moist and lumped effectively, easy to operate, can adopt the Chinese menu, the man-machine interface was controlled, one pair of spiral shell’s poles pushes the material, has not pulsed, batching accuracy is high, it is with low consumption and can save the cost of lump-sum input that run, the automatic intensity is high, does not need to look after manually, the service is complete, turn-key project.

2.2 main structure

1)Framework: Welded by Q235 square steel and angle steel, played the function of supporting other parts. 2)The dry powder sucks the material system: Sucked material electrical machinery, hose, sucked material head, hopper etc. to make up.

3)Push the material and dissolve the system: Moderate plane, dry powder push the intersection of material and pairs of the intersection of spiral shell and pole, mixer, the intersection of water and person who penetrate, stainless steel agitator and prepare / store pot,etc., make up;

4)The system of supplying water: Made up of valve, filter, electromagnetic valve, manometer, pipe fittings,etc.; 5)Mix water penetrating device: Unique effusive device, can make soak medicine to atomize and disperse in advance.

6)Control system: Material location turned on or off ‘ Low-order alarm of the dry powder) , electromagnetic the valve ‘ Enter water electromagnetic valve and arrange the mud electromagnetic valve and put the liquid electromagnetic valve) , liquid-level switch ( Control and prepare / store the liquid location of pot) , switch board ( The main electric component selects Snide for use) , measurement pump ( Two measurement pump frequency converters) , hand over the material (adopt pair, transport while being spiral, has not pulsed spirally out the material, accomplish even continuously, the batching is accurate) , medicinal solution stir .

Design 1 set to add the medicine device automatically and is shown as Fig. 2.2 and Fig. 2.3. Is this equipment installation managing? ? Nearby, opened and put the material valve and can be mix with the pipelined after finishing making up a prescription. Try planning to deal with the sewage amount and calculate and obtain 0.25% solution, handling capacity is 2.5-3.2kg/h.

JF1 does not have stainless steel weight service condition of magnetism that is required

JF1 does not have stainless steel weight service condition of magnetism that is required
It is expensive that JF1 does not have magnetism stainless steel weight, the better do not install the condition the higher, so should proceed from the reality, meet the following requirements:
1,The room should keep out of the sun and penetrate directly, had better choose the back room or adopt and hide all method.
2,Should be far away from shaking the source, for instance railway, highway and shaking machine,etc., it is unable to avoid taking the precaution against earthquakes of the policy.
3,Work indoor temperature should invariable, with 20 ¡æ being good.
4,The planted agent of operating room cleans clean, avoid the influence of the air current.
5,The installation place planted agent of the electronic balance has no influence of gas of corrosivity.
6,It should firm and reliable not to have the stainless steel place of the weight of magnetism to put JF1, the mesa level degree is on good terms, if the mesa level of putting electronic balance is not very good, can adjust the machine foot of the electronic balance, make the horizontal bubbles of the electron in the middle.
7,Should be far away from environments such as high-energy heat source and Gao Qiang’s electric magnetic field,etc..
8,The humidity that JF1 without installation place of magnetism stainless steel weight should be good among 45%-75.

The network purchases the standard weight procedure

The network purchases the standard weight procedure

First, order the way

It can be through mail, fax, express delivery,etc. to order the standard weight. Must mark out the name of product, serial number, quantity, order name calling, address, telephone while making the form, make out an invoice detailed materials such as the materials,etc.. (sign the contract in writing, and stamp the official seal)

Second, term of payment

The customer in Shanghai cashes on delivery, other customers of province, city and area cash on delivery, the special circumstances can be taken the place of the fund and accepts the goods by the logistics company, the customer making out an invoice remits on company’s account directly, please

Third, produce the arrangement of the goods

Produce the time of goods normally: Our company connects and collects money only, arranges to deliver next day, processing is customized, delivers according to the actual conditions (except special circumstances) ,Connection that please advance the urgent form

Mark out: If the products cause damage in transporting the course, please reject the products, problems caused are responsible for the handling thereof by our company, our company will send the goods again in the quickest time.

Our service aim: We can not guarantee each trade is perfect, but we absolutely ensure all customers’ interests! You have any questions, please contact us, we left solve!

Biological the intersection of general knowledge and trypsin digest cells ‘ Haidian Branch)

Trypsin digests cells

2015-08-17 Ask for the treasure living beings in the fields lying fallow in rotation

Contain albumen outside many kinds of afterbirth outside cells, such as the collagen, albumen these enable cells and the blake bottle inboard wall of sometimes cells are glued and linked up. Can make them separate after decomposing these proteins with trypsin, this course is named tryptic digestion function.

It is the cells growing sticking to the bottom of the bottle of cell to stick to wall cells, cells need going down to posterity after being covered with the bottom of the bottle, blow and beat cell to the intersection of cell and injury, greatly, need, digest with trypsin to it directly at this time, make cell and whom bottom of the bottle laminate so firm, can go on, blow and beat, make it fall off from bottom of the bottle at this time.

Trypsin digests function, after dealing with the animal to organize, can make the animal organize the other composition enzymolysis outside collagenous thread and cell among cells, get single cells. Generally digest cells and use 0.25% pancreas enzyme, and time must be grasped, digest, observe under microscope on one side, notice, can’t digest, lead to the fact damaging to cell instead. Collagenic protease can be used too besides trypsin, because pH activity of these two kinds of protease is more moderate.

The tryptic digestive juice kind of our company is overall, can meet most customer’s demands. Mainly push the products (T1300/T1320) Trypsin – EDTA digestive juice (and not include phenolsulfonphthalein including phenolsulfonphthalein) .

    Description of products :

    Train and take the place of organization cell of cell in the cultivation, disperse originally outside body to organize cell ‘ Will organize one to prepare and hang the liquid as single cells) And go down to posterity in the cultivation of cell, the digestion which is stuck wall growth cells should be used and organized digestive juice of cell when being dispersed. Commonly used digestive juice, for trypsin, EDTA,etc., function its to enable the intersection of protein and (ground substance outside the cell) among the cell mainly Hydrolyze, make, organize or stick to the intersection of wall and cell disperse single cell, make cells and hang liquid and is use for the further experiment.

    Ask for trypsin that the treasure of fields lying fallow in rotation produces – EDTA digestive juice (Trypsin-EDTASolution) Includes 0.25% pancreas enzyme and 0.02% EDTA (0.53mM) ,Soluble in, have calcium in the the intersection of magnesium and balanced the intersection of salt and solution, through filter, sterilize, can use for, train cell and digestion of organization directly. This product has convenient and fast, such characteristics as stability security, cell state are good. Usually can digest most walls cell when digesting for about 2 minutes at room temperature. Trypsin – EDTA digestive juice includes phenolsulfonphthalein and not includes 2 kinds of products of phenolsulfonphthalein, phenolsulfonphthalein has pH to point out function.

    Keep: -20 ¡æ is kept, effective 12 months.

      Operation method :

      1. Stick to the digestion of wall cells:

      a) Suck and train the liquid, or have no serum to train the liquid to wash cells once with aseptic PBS, Hanks liquid, in order to remove residual serum.

      b) Add a small amount of trypsin – EDTA digestive juice, cover cells, stands for 1-2 minutes at room temperature. Different cell digestion time is different to some extent, firm cells can lengthen digestion time appropriately for sticking to the wall.

      c) Observe under the microscope, cells obviously shrink, and the naked eye observes and trains the ware bottom to find the obvious change take place in the shape of cells; Or blow and beat cells with the rifle to find cells can just be blown and beaten. Absorb digestive juice at this moment. Add the cells containing serum and train the liquid, blow and lay cells, test in follow-up that can be used in directly.

      d) If find that it is insufficient to digest, can add trypsin – EDTA digestive juice to digest again.

      e) If find the digestion time of cell too long, has not blown and beaten cells yet, there are some to come off from training the ware bottom cells directly, train the liquid to blow and beat all cells with pancreas enzyme cells directly. 1000-2000g has been at odds with the community or the leadership for minute, precipitate cells, after trying hard to remove enzyme cell digestive juice of pancreas, add the complete cultivation liquid containing serum and suspend cells again, can be used in the follow-up experiment.

      2. The digestion organizing:

      Different? ? ? Organize the time in need of digesting to differ greatly, usually by can fully break up the organization after digestioning.

        Notes :

        1. Because tissues or cell properties are different, experiment personnel should be according to the detailed conditions, confirm the best digestion time; Digest the time of cell should not be too long, the state that otherwise will influence cells to stick to the wall and grow;

        2. Trypsin – EDTA digestive juice does not include and restrain fungus pharmaceutical, should pay special attention to operating aseptically in the course of using, prevent digestive juice from being polluted by the microorganism;

        3. Trypsin – the intersection of EDTA and digestive juice, should not 4 ¡ækeep for a long time, must guard against, freeze, melt repeatedly, a small amount advise, package, freeze, check while using;

        4. For your security and health, please wear the clothes of experiment and wear the disposable glove to operate

        T1300 trypsin – EDTA digestive juice (0.25%) Do not include phenol red solarbio 100ml

        T1320 trypsin – EDTA digestive juice (0.25%) Includes phenol red solarbio 100ml

        T1350 tryptic digestive juice (0.25%) Do not include phenol red solarbio 100ml

Uses and characteristics of the hemochrome analysis instrument

Applicable range: Blood station and blood bank: Hemoglobin to used in blood donor determine, examine blood than traditional the intersection of sulfic acid and the intersection of copper and law than accurate

Woman’s children’s hospital: Examining an important index that must judge anaemia of hemoglobin, fixed physical examination of infant and pre-school children of 0- 5 years old must examine the project; Pregnant woman, women breast-feeding their children need to measure hemoglobin regularly too

Disease accuses of the centre ‘ Anti-epidemic station) Experience centre: The special professional crowds of some industrial enterprises need fixed physical examination, the determination of hemoglobin is an important index sports team, body worker’s group among them

Main characteristic

Ocular: Two kinds of density unit, g/dL or mmol/L
Automize: Correct automatically, does not need to correct extraly
It is convenient: There are wrong code suggestions, it is easy to safeguard
Simple and convenient: Reagent is used immediately, easy and simple to handle

Main technical indicator

Test the project: Fresh capillary whole blood hemoglobin;
Test the principle: Reflect luminosity law;
Reagent slice: H12 hemoglobin reagent slice which our company produced;
Test the speed: Smaller than 30 seconds;
Test the range: 4.0g/dL – 24.0g/dL, it is higher than 24.0g/dL, would reveal ” Lo ” to lower than 4.0g/dL or finally Or
” Hi” ;
Reveal: The LCD, the test result adopts SI international unit;
Store the function: Can save one slice of codes of reagent, and can store and upgrade the test result of 250 samples automatically;
Correct the function: Correct oneself;
Weight: About 58g (including machine the inner battery) ;
External dimension: Long 102mm * width 50mm * thick 19mm;
Power: DC3V (a CR2032 lithium battery) ;
Consumption: 0.8mW;
Other: Judge the trouble and reveal the trouble code automatically;
Projected life: Not lower than 5;
The environment for use: 10 ¡æ- 30 ¡æ, RH is less than or equal to 80%;
Terminal environment: 5 ¡æ- 40 ¡æ, RH is less than or equal to 80%.


? Empty? ¥¬¥¹? Steam? Water? The oil is used.

¥À¥¦¥ó¥í©`¥É CAD¥«¥¿¥í¥° PDF(900KB)

Material of ¤½¤Î his ÙY

¤Î¤´ is paid attention to in security The fluid is made the hired 2¥Ý©`¥ÈëŠ magnetic man’s cap used in ancient times / attention thing í— applicable to all
Is ßx fixed the device? Flow characteristic ¥Ð¥ê¥¨©`¥·¥ç¥ó / ßx make the intersection of hand and í˜ / one ÓE the intersection of table and particular the intersection of é_°k and the intersection of product and feeling

¥·¥ê©`¥º Form of the man’s cap used in ancient times In charge of connecting ¾A’s requirements ¥ª¥ê¥Õ¥£¥¹ foot-path (mm¦Õ)

N.C./ N.O.
1/4- 2
32A- 50A
10- 50

¥Ú©`¥¸ upper ¤Ø

High precision bleaches anti-interference and prevents the strong electric wave from welling up the special secondary school protecting device at low temperature

High precision bleaches anti-interference and prevents the strong electric wave from welling up the special secondary school protecting device at low temperature

  • Stainless steel waterproof terminal box, the signal shields the cable and makes up the multi-functional calm and steady measurement system. Measure performance superior, accuracy high long-term stability fine installing, maintaining extremely convenient.
  • Electronic car weighing apparatus ‘ Electronic ground pound) Manufacturing process:
  • A girder of balance is roof beam structure of the Model U, mesa of the balance board chooses type as plateform of Q235, splice into close case type structure rationally, the group uses the unique frock jig while welding, the accurate spatial orientation measures technology and advanced welding craft, has guaranteed the roughness of so large area balance platform effectively, the intersection of space and geometirc size and reasonable distribution to weld stress, balance the intersection of TV station and priming paint adopt the intersection of ring and the intersection of oxygen and rich the intersection of zinc and priming paint and sour ship paint of propene, it is able to bear pressing ageing-resistantly that wear-resisting, the performance of antirusting is improved greatly, has guaranteed product quality is steady.
  • The specification is joined

    Weigh: 10t 20t 30t 50t 60t 80t 100t 120t 150t 180t 200t graduation value kg 10kg 20kg 20kg 20kg 20kg 50kg 50kg 50kg 50kg Standard size specification:

    High precision bleaches anti-interference and prevents the strong electric wave from welling up the special secondary school protecting device at low temperature

Deform the tester type characteristic technical parameter of modulus dynamically

Use summary

Modulus tester (handheld drop stamp is curved to sink the appearance) out of shape of GTJ-Evd -type trends Use for, determine road bed in work up to load the curved sinking value under function, thus assess bearing the weight of strength and deformation amount of road bed. It is controlled and measures that suitable for being moved the railway which loads function, the foundation construction qualities of the highway, airport, city traffic, port, quay, industry and civil building, especially suitable for measuring in the narrow location in the field, such as bridge on the way (contain) Transition section and detection on shoulder of way, there are circuit bases,etc.. It can measure and deform the modulus Evd value dynamically fast.
Applicable standard: Sector standard in the People’s Republic of China ” geotechnological experimental rules of the project of the railway ” (TB10102-2010)