Frequency conversion connects the resonance in series and able to bear pressing daily test analysis of the plant principle

Frequency conversion connects the resonance in series and able to bear pressing device operation principle and experimental principle and attentive matters of the product with trying:
Connect the harmonic return circuit equivalence return circuit circuit in series as follows:

U: Pigeonhole the output voltage after the series-parallel connection of the winding for the excitation voltage transformer, being controlled by the power of frequency conversion can be from 0 to Umax (Umax is the specified output voltage after a high-pressure winding series-parallel connection of voltage transformer of the excitation) Change continuously, the frequency 30-300Hz is changed continuously.
R: In order to connect the equivalence resistance of the harmonic return circuit in series, including the excitation voltage transformer reaches hindering inside, hindering, trying hindering and testing corona and lossing equivalence resistance,etc. in products in the high-pressure reactor of the high-pressure side equivalently.
L: For to connect return circuit in series the intersection of equivalence and inductance, namely excitation voltage transformer get to leak inductance, harmonic the intersection of reactor and sum of inductance high-pressure side equivalently. In the actual test, excitation voltage transformer leaks the relatively harmonic reactor inductance of the inductance smaller, can neglect. So is rough while calculating, can be thought to get the equivalence inductance of the harmonic return circuit in inductance of the reactor. There may be many series-parallel connections in the reactor in the actual test, the return circuit inductance at this moment is the inductance after many reactor series-parallel connections. When the series-parallel connection inductance of the reactor is calculated, can neglect it to hinder inside, calculate according to the series-parallel connection of the pure inductance.
C: It is the capacitive sum of load electric capacity and partial pressure device of the harmonic return circuit of series-parallel connection. Because electric capacity of partial pressure device very little, can neglect calculate, while being rough, as the intersection of load and instead of can relatively can’t neglect, electric capacity, should participate in calculating.
Offer, supply power power, by the intersection of excitation and after stepping up tentatively voltage transformer experimental voltage through the intersection of frequency conversion and power, on making the high voltage add in the reactor L and be tried the product CX, through changing the output frequency of the power of frequency conversion, make the return circuit in bunch
Unite the harmonic state; Keep this frequency not changing, regulate the output voltage of the power of frequency conversion, make the voltage tried on products reach
To the needing value. The harmonic frequency of the return circuit depends on the electric capacity CX and inductance L of trying product, harmonic frequency f =1/( 2

Simply analyse the check-up platform of the pressure and use 6 procedures operated to require

Simply analyse the check-up platform of the pressure and use 6 procedures operated to require:
There are many attentive matters, if these careless details in the use of the check-up platform of the pressure, will cause the unnecessary error to have great injury on instrument too. The intersection of pressure and the intersection of check-up and several points that platform must should pay attention to in here, simple introduction.

1,The check-up platform of the pressure needs checking and assaying a integrality and security full-automatically first at the beginning of testing, can add the electricity and start the machine after confirming full-automatically that assays every part of the platform normally.

2,Assaying the platform full-automatically if meets power to cut off suddenly in the course of assaying, the special circumstances that the computer crashes,etc., before needing assaying again, must pull out 232 communication lines first, cut off the connections of computer software and apparatus, later reset the button to reset the manual pressure through the pressure on the mesa, can begin to assay again after the pressure is totally reset.
3,Should place to assay the platform full-automatically on ventilating and drying and having no place that corrodes the gas. If there are special requirements, please mark out during order.

4,Without special detection skill and specialized checkout equipment, make sure not to open the cover and carry on maintenance at will, can’t change the component without authorization, can’t guarantee the accuracy that the instrument will be measured otherwise.

5,The check-up platform of the pressure can’t press the pressurized button to build and press again in the state that it is pushed that the pressure reset the button, this operation will influence the life-span of electrical machinery and frequency converter.

6. Urgent to stop the button after pushing the apparatus assays the urgent stop and the pressure is reset at the beginning, the clockwise rotation let the button be sprung again after the light that the pressure of needing etc. resets is on, the button increases and decreases the button to operate again after springing.

Expand and read: Check-up platform

Japan’s new universe XP-3160 instrument parameter

First, product characteristic:
1,The display mode of two kinds of density: Digital display, scale display of the bar
2,Small-scale, light quantity ( 450g) , save cable, can use dry cell and specialized rechargeable battery.
3,Unusual self-checking function of the flow.
4,Range switches over the function automatically.
5,There are data that record the function.
6,Can read directly, five kinds of gas (available function) at most .
7,Have the intersection of data and download function ‘ Available function) .

Second, products use:
1,The sensitivity is high
2,Used for measuring trace flammable gas and vapour of the organic solvent of flammability.
3,Used in stopping leakage in the roof of vessel repairing and gas trade extensively.
4,Can be used for measuring the diesel oil.

Third, product specification:
1,Measure the gas : Flammable gas and vapour of the organic solvent of flammability
2,Measure the way : Attracting type automatically
3,Measure the principle : Contact the burning type
4,Testing range : 0- 5000ppm or 0- 1vol%
5,Point out the precision: H range:

Try the mould producer in brick compression strength of building a wall

Try the mould producer in brick compression strength of building a wall

It is Hebei to try the mould in brick compression strength of building a wall: Product of new generation which the building instrument plant of wing of roc of Xian County researched and developed by oneself.

Build a wall brick compression strength sample prepare, try on mould ‘ Roc wing instrument) Suitable for industry and civil building’s building a wall the brick compressive strength test sample is prepared, accord with the intersection of GB/T2542-2012 and ” build a wall the intersection of brick and test method ” and GB/T25044-2010 ” build a wall the intersection of brick and the intersection of compression strength and sample prepare the intersection of apparatus and common requirement ” resist pressure in the standard One degree of test methods is required.

Try the mould producer in brick compression strength of building a wall

Build a wall brick compression strength sample prepare, try on mould, try on the intersection of mould and size:
A of size is after shaping and trying the mould to assemble once type: Long 120mm

Immune group IHC technological service

Immune group IHC technological service

Organize chemistry (Immunohistochemistry) in immunity It is one that reflects for the theoretical foundation, employ the physical and chemical method to reveal the material composition of the cell structure with amynologic antigen – antibody, and then analyse and research supersession, function and experimental technique that the shape changes of cells and the tissue. The specificity that this method reflects the antigen – antibody and high-efficient catalysis of enzyme are combined together effectively, namely use the enzyme mark antibody, react to show the track to the antigen by developing the color of enzyme and substrate, make half quantitative analysis presenting the intersection of immunity and positive product after color react.

Hong huge Industrial Co., Ltd of Shanghai has concentrated the immune group reputable advisor and numerous immune group professional personages of Chinese Academy of Sciences, offer the immunity to you and organize chemistry (IHC) , immune cytochemistry (ICC) , immune fluoro, organize the chip, hybridize in situ ‘ Digoxin probe) Wait for the intersection of organization and morphological one-stop service of respect, experimental design, experiment operate, the intersection of picture and the intersection of person who punish and analyze and respect, also can accept the phased experiment. It measures indexes to be can the intersection of tumour and mark, the intersection of cancer and gene and the intersection of cancer and genetic albumen, the intersection of cell and the intersection of cycle and albumen, wither, die genetic albumen, the intersection of cell and the intersection of surface and antigen,etc..

The service item of the experimental technique:

1.The piece of the wax is prepared:

Fixed: Wrap up the organization that buried as to the paraffin wax, generally fix with more than 4% of the polyformaldehyde. As to icy to organize, generally adopt icy propanone, but to different organizations and antigen, can select different fixative for use, should depend on detailed conditions.

Take off and soak the wax

Wrap up and bury

2. Slice: The customer offers samples, we carry on the corresponding paraffin wax or icy section for you

3. Regular HE dyes

4. A immune group of pathology: Use HRP mark system to measure

5. Hybridize in situ: The normal position RNA of organization adopting the digoxin probe and slicing the paraffin wax is hybridized

Immune group IHC technological service notice:

1.Sample: Fixed good organization, finished white one, cell climb one, wrap up and bury the good wax piece tissue;

2.It is resisted that you can be self-provided, can also let our company take the place of and buy. In order to ensure the quality of products, had better import monoclonal antibody with antibody. We have stock with regular antibody, will collect certain antibody expenses according to the circumstances;

3.Serve the sum content of the time limit: Receive the sample, send the film done well to your hand within 15-20 workdays.

The sample prepares the method:

Wrap up organization, examine operation, excise sample, should draw materials or not fixed within 2 hours while being living that bury as to paraffin wax, avoid that it influences the immune group result to organize changing the sex etc. from dissolving and antigen. As to icy organization that slice, should put liquid nitrogen to freeze immediately after drawing materials, then put – 80 ¡æ is kept.

Daily fixative:

1. Simple fixative

4% neutral formaldehyde: The most frequently used fixative, can satisfy work such as regular HE, immune group, PCR. The pathologic sample generally without the special requirement is applicable.

Ethanol: Suitable for 80%-95% of the density while using, have function of hardening, fixing, dehydrating etc., to organizing infiltration strength to be relatively weak, so seldom use alone, but it saves nuclear acid while organizing and is stronger than neutral formaldehyde, experiment operated that so use for having nuclear acid often or checking, is use for proving urine sour crystallization and saving glycogenically, the available 100% ethanol fixes the organization.

More than 4% of the polyformaldehyde: Fixing, animal is fixed without being poured into and after fixed(after pour into animal organ for liquid, then draw materials, and then soak for 2-24 hours with this liquid) Also it is fixed to often select this fixative.

2. Mix the fixative

Ethanol – formaldehyde (ethanol – formalin, AF) : Suitable for the fixing of loose cells in the hypodermis. This fixative has fixed and concurrently dehydration, the sample after being fixed can enter the 95% ethanol to dehydrate directly.

B5 (sodium acetic acid – promotes gong – formaldehyde) : Used for fixing the lymphoid tissue more. Take off mercury to precipitate and deal with before dyeing.

Bouin’ s: Especially suitable for the testis and live and examine the fixing organizing.

Carnoy: It is strong to penetrate ability, but very good fixed cytoplasm and nucleus, are especially suitable for the dense tissue of fixed other membrane, also suitable for glycogenic and Buddhist nun’s fixing of the small body.

Zenker: Fixed by this liquid? ? Originally, rather dye clearly nucleus and cytoplasm, but the cost is more expensive and needs mercury of special-purpose processing.

The immune group IHC technological service is especially reminded:

1.You need to offer the detailed sample materials ‘ Such as organizing source,etc.) ,So that the harmony of the experiment.

2.You need to offer the negative and positive to contrast the sample or slice.

3.The paraffin wax that you offered is sliced, must guarantee quality and accuracy of the film.


The rotational speed of Model ZKZ-3T controls the device and connects the rotational speed pulse sensor, voltage mutual inductor signal, monitor the rotational speed of the hydroelectric generating set in real time, and in signal of some amount of switch outputted of every rotational speed of the aircrew and analog quantity signal corresponding to aircrew’s rotational speed, in order to hold automatically, control the service of the system in shutting down and power plant.

Second, characteristic

The rotational speed of Model ZKZ-3T controls the device and collects frequency table, speedometer, rotational speed relay, rotational speed and tests the instrument in an organic whole, it is the multi-purposed rotational speed that controls the instrument;

The measurement of rotational speed has been adopted and turned into the advanced principle of measurement of cycle of side of gate, measure the characteristic with high precision, with strong real-time character;

The device observes and controls error and stability that the precision is only decided by JingZhen, so the joint exporting value of rotational speed can keep running for a long time without changing;

The rotational speed joint outputs and adopts the difference of answering to lock the way and prevent the distortion of wave form from causing and exporting acting by mistake, the need of running according to the power plant, can carry on the exactly making of a certain limit to exporting value of 8 pieces of rotational speed at the scene conveniently.

This device also has standard 4-20mA electric current that is exported, available RS485 (MODBOS RTU) The communication is exported, can connect with the whole factory’s computer monitoring system conveniently.

Third, main technical feature

Measure the signal way

Measure frequency range: 0.05- 100Hz

Measure the precision: Non-linear degree <1%, the dying area of the rotational speed <0©q 02%

Count and show the content: Generator frequency, rotational speed percentage is from various places output whole definite value.

The switch amount outputs signals: The value signal of the rotational speed: No. 8, can be exactly made in the range made to click each time by users.

The aircrew wriggles and calls the police to output 1 route of signals (SPST)

No. of alarm signal 1 of power trouble of the device

Analog quantity is exported: 4- 20mA (correspondent to aircrew’s rotational speed 0% Ne- 200%Ne)

The communication is exported: RS485( MODBOS RTU)

Working environment: Temperature 0- 50 ¡æ humidity <85%

External dimension: One holds 160* 80* 250mm

Working way: Continuously

Power: DC110- 340V or AC85- 265V/50Hz

Consumption: 12W

Fourth, operation principle

The rotational speed of Model ZKZ-3T controls the device and is formed by tooth one, the sensor and three parts of monitoring device noumenonn. The monitoring device has adopted the high-speed one-chip computer system. Some in the system produce and measure the regular pulse after being frequently, cycle is 2us, it can reach 0.01HZ to measure precision, stability is high, do not change for a long time. Reveal the circuit adopts high lightly and reveals the scheme dynamically, the luminance is high. The signal measures the circuit and isolates, amplifies, has a facelift the function, the signals of No. two are totally independent, when a signal of tooth breaks, cut PT signal automatically, 0.3V signal voltage in 250V range can work reliably for a long time, can be broken too within 300V to work reliably in a short time. The tooth one fetches into its square wave signal in the computer to test the speed, and then convert and provide revealing, memory for frequency, rotational speed, rotational speed percentage,etc. content of answering. The warning function that it has the aircrew to wriggle that ZKZ-3T tests the speed and fits, when shutting down to wriggle in the aircrew, send out the alarm signal of wriggling.

Wrestler happy the intersection of pressure and sensor theory knowledge ‘ Guangdong office)

Sensor theory knowledge of wrestler’s happy pressure
Wrestler’s happy pressure sensor is the commonly most used kind of sensor in industry practice. The output of the general ordinary wrestler’s happy pressure sensor is a analog signal, the analog signal means the information parameter is shown as the continuous signal in the designated range. Or in a section of continuous time interval, it represents the characteristic amount of information can be presenting the signal of the arbitrary number value arbitrarily in the twinkling of an eye. The happy pressure sensor of wrestler that and we usually use was mainly made with piezo-electric effect, such a sensor is called the piezo-electric sensor too.
Wrestler’s happy pressure sensor uses the most extensive kind of sensor. Traditional wrestler’s happy pressure sensor takes device with structural machinery as the core, point out the pressure by the deformation of the elastic component, but this kind of physical dimension is great, quality is heavy, can’t offer electricity to export. With the development of semi-conductive technology, the semi-conductive wrestler’s happy pressure sensor arises at the historic moment too. It features the volume is small, with light quality, the accuracy high, temperature characteristic is good. Especially with the development of MEMS technology, the semi-conductive sensor is towards the development of microminiaturization, and its consumption is little, dependability is high.
The semiconductor presses the resistance type
The semiconductor forms the pressure out of shape of the semiconductor on the surface of the flake to presses resistance and resists and spreads wrestler’s happy pressure sensor, pass the external force (pressure) Deform flake and produce and press resistance and resist the result, thus make the change of impedance convert to the electric signal.
The static capacity type
Capacity type wrestler’s happy pressure sensor of static, it is extremely relative and forming the electric capacity that the ones that fix glass with silicon very much can be moved, will pass the external force (pressure) Can move the change of deforming the static capacity produced to make very much to convert to the electric signal. (the movement principle of E8Y is a static capacity way, other aircraft types adopt the semi-conductive way) .
We should consider his comprehensive precision when the wrestler is happy four unavoidable error editors of pressure sensor are choosing wrestler’s happy pressure sensor, and wrestler happy what precision of sensor influence pressure? There are a lot of to in fact cause factors of the sensor error, now we pay attention to saying four unavoidable errors, this is an initial error of a sensor.
The skew amount error at first: Because the vertical skew within the range of whole pressure of wrestler’s happy pressure sensor keeps invariable, so the changer is spread and the laser is regulated the change that is revised will produce the skew amount error.
Secondly it is a sensitivity error: Produce the error size proportional to pressure. If the sensitivity of the apparatus is higher than the typical value, the sensitivity error will be a increase function of the pressure. If the sensitivity is lower than the typical value, then the sensitivity error will be a decreasing function of the pressure. The producing of this error in that spreads the change of the course.
The third is a linear error: This is that one influences smaller factor to initial error of wrestler’s happy pressure sensor, this error is produced in that physics of the silicon chip is non-linear, but to the sensor with amplifier, should also include the nonlinearity of the amplifier. The linear error curve can be the concave shape contours, it can be that the convex curve weigh the sensor too.
It is the error of lagging behind finally: In most situations, the lagging error of wrestler’s happy pressure sensor can well be ignored, because the silicon chip has very high mechanical rigidity. Generally only need to consider the error of lagging behind in the pressure change very great situation.
Four errors of wrestler’s happy pressure sensor are unavoidable, we can only choose the high-accuracy production equipment, make use of new and high technology to reduce these errors, the error that can also be gone on a bit when dispatching from the factory is regulated, perhaps the to the limit biggest one reduces the error in order to meet demands of customer.

Three steps teach you how to choose the appropriate platform scale of electronics industry

First step: Brand choice of the electronic platform scale
Will choose a good brand, we must consider the factors in many aspects, for instance one’s own enterprises weigh the environmental demand, one’s own financial budget,etc., whether one pound of performance of electron which one company produces fits enterprise’s requirement, the balance type is suitable weighing the occasion, whether the size of pound of electronic ground can be changed etc.. And here, it is that the quality is compared to choose the advantage of the famous brand completely mostly better, after sale, but it must be good to choose the foreign famous brand, because the price is too expensive, and the weighing apparatus of now is developed equally very good at home, so choose a domestic famous brand, the variety is more complete, better brand after sale is a good choice too.
Second step: Type choice of the electronic platform scale
Choose one electron platform scale consider the balance type. First of all, does the appearance of the ground platform scale meet your needs? If you are that one relatively pay attention to minding the esthetic person, pound is particularly crucial that choose a esthetic electron, here, if your environment for use is more abominable, then, easy to wash to must choose like the stainless steel ground pound, the side can keep esthetic. If you lie in result of use even more, then, double-deck the intersection of electron and pound, one-layer to prevent from, cheat the digital electron pound claim etc., the result of use is that the response is very good.
Third step: Material choice of the electronic platform scale
Materials are mostly stainless steel on the market at present, have body of section steel of trough and body of U section steel,etc., the general production cost of body of section steel of trough is more expensive, so the price is more expensive, if you do not take notice of the price very much, can consider to this respect, its advantage is longe-lived, the intensity is high, durable in use (specific for good very durable more than 30 years) ; On the contrary, if you take notice of more substantially very much, can choose the body of U section steel, U section steel body cost is lower, so the price is cheaper than the body of section steel of trough, but the shortcoming is longe-lived partialer and shorter than the channel.

Heat conduction the intersection of oil and electronic the intersection of proportion and the intersection of valve and operation principle and what selecting type correctly?

The valve of electronic proportion of SMZDLP heat conduction oil is by series 3810 (series PSL) Electron type electronic executive body and body of high-temperature regulating valve make up, by series 3810 (or series PSL) The carrying out device and body of precise small-scale regulating valve make up, include and raise and obey the function electronically, accept unified 4-20mA or 1-5V

Ultrasonic principle

Ultrasonic principle
Supersonic wave is when being measured and spread in the material, the change of organizing in acoustics characteristic and inside of the material has a certain impact on ultrasonic spread, through being surveyed understanding to supersonic wave the technology that material performance and structure change is called the supersound and measured by the influence degree and state. The ultrasonic detection method usually penetrates the law, pulse to reflect the law, bunch and list the law etc..

Digital ultrasonic flaw detector to testee usually now ‘ Such as industrial material, human body) Launch the supersound, then make use of its reflecting, Doppler’s effect, transmission,etc. to obtain the information within testees and form the picture through dealing with.

The effect law of Doppler is to utilize Doppler taking place while meeting the object of the movement in supersound to move the effect frequently to obtain movement direction and speed of this object among the ultrasonic flaw detector Characteristics such as degree,etc.; The transmission rule obtains internal characteristic of the object through the change of analyzing the supersound is worn after the testee, its application is still at developing stage at present; Whom ultrasonic flaw detector introduce mainly herein to employ most by reflecting the law to obtain the characteristic information within objects at present. Stronger principle work that reflects will happen while organizing interfaces through different sound of impedance in the supersound to reflect the law and is based on, just as we know, the interface between the two will be reflected when the sound wave is propagated from a kind of medium to another medium, there are the less large be getting bigger when reflecting on difference on between and medium,so can launch, happen, last force strong one of objects we, can supersonic wave where straight line propagate, then ultrasonic flaw detector receives the supersonic wave reflected back and successively ultrasonic according to these ones that reflected back, situations such as the range,etc. can judge the size of different mediums contained in this organization, information such as the contrast difference between distribution situation and various mediums (Reflect successively can reflect, reflect interface from survey superficial distancing ultrasonic that come back among them, the range can reflect characteristics such as the size of the medium, contrast difference,etc.) ,The ultrasonic flaw detector is to judge whether this testee is unusual. Involve the contents of a lot of respects in this course, including ultrasonic production, receiving, signal are changed and dealt with etc.. Produce ultrasonic method, produce, encourage the electric signal to pass to the crystal with piezo-electric effect through circuit among them ‘ Such as quartz, lithium sulfic acid,etc.) ,Make it shake to produce supersonic wave; And receive it at the time of the supersonic wave reflected back, the piezocrystal can reflect into pressure of sound wave that come back and produce electric signal and convey signal to, deal with circuit, carry on punishing a series of, the ultrasonic flaw detector forms the picture for people to observe and judge finally.

Here follows the pattern process method ‘ That is to say that converts the signal got to some formal pictures) Kind can last A, reveal, M reveal, B reveal, C reveal, reveal,etc. F. Among them A type reveals that processes the ultra acoustical signal received into the wave form picture, until shape of wave form can find out inside the testee having unusual with defect in there and how loudly, etc, the ultrasonic flaw detector is used mainly in industry to measure; M type reveals that launches transforming a brightness -treated survey information into the one-dimensional one in the order of time ” The space is some sport chronological chart more ” ,Suitable for observing the objects of inside in movement state, the internal organs substantially as moving of ultrasonic flaw detector, artery blood vessel,etc.; It was two-dimentional, reflect fault tangent plane within testees that B type revealed a lot of pieces of brightness -treated survey information will be made up side by side ” Dissect the picture ” (Ultrasonography B used in the hospital is worked out with this kind of principle) ,The ultrasonic flaw detector is suitable for observing inside and is in the static object; And C type reveals, it is used fewer now that F type reveals.

The ultrasonic flaw detector not only can make sure very accurate to measure, but also more convenient, more swift as to other detection methods, will not produce danger in measuring target and operator either, it is welcomed that increasingly general people