Getting leading operation principle / EPRO sensor, EPRO of Germany,

Getting leading operation principle, EPRO of Germany, | EPRO sensor
The intersection of EPRO and the intersection of Philip and getting leading operation principle: Getting leading main purpose that involve in the low the intersection of rank and the intersection of acoustics and application of signal in those, improve the SNR of the receiver. Through offering the supplementary low noise to enlarge, the main checkout equipment of the pre-amplifier, use thus the base noise at the time of the restriction low and gain. The pre-amplifier permits to measure the small return waves echo, but it may be unable to measure out these return waves echoes even use greatest gaining in the main checkout equipment.
EPRO the intersection of Philip and getting leading RF take open to strain wave, contribute to, restrain the high-frequency noise from. Wave form the following reveal, use one special the intersection of 500KHz and pair pop one’s head while being brilliant, having fibers strengthen things at very heavy the intersection of apparatus and tire, it is 5.6inch( 140mm) to be thick Thickness measurement of the rubber tyre. In the test with difficulty that is not so of this sort as pre-amplifier, in order to get the return waves echo, the receiving of the instrument must set up and get and is close to the maximum to gain, base noise when there may be the prominent one at this moment.
The supplying EPRO leadingly device CON011 of our company, CON021, CON041
Getting leading operation principle, EPRO of Germany, | EPRO sensor
Epro Company was a factory in the West Germany of Dutch PHILIPS Co. originally, built in 1970, became the independent company in 1992. Merge the steam turbine of Philip and monitored and protected the system Division in 1994, it is inherited to protect the field valuable experience and well-equipped production facility which accumulate decades in rotatory machinery in PHILIPS Co., especially reputable expert and sale and technological service network spreading all over the world which Philip has fostered for many years. And on this basis, succeed in developing the steam turbine of new generation and monitor and protect the system: MMS6000. Since the steam turbine of Philip in 1986 monitored and protected the system RMS700 to enter the Chinese market, have found extensive application in our country’s power system. At present in the intersection of the whole country and every power plant, have, operate epro MMS6000 system at the 200 many large-scale steam turbine already, being still adopted by more new aircrews constantly, and will transform original RMS700 and other protection systems successively, have fully guarantee operation safety of these aircrewsed. High-quality sales force, ripe technological scheme, hearty attitude, the reasonable price makes a reservation, the letter of Xi’an automatic instrument limited company is tenable and inherit the above-mentioned corporate cultures all the time so far and develop constantly, and hope to become your believable cooperative partner sincerely.
Since the steam turbine of Philip in 1986 monitored and protected the system RMS700 to enter the Chinese market sensor, EPRO of Germany, Germany EPRO sensor has found extensive application in our country’s power system. Sensor, EPRO of Germany, at present in the intersection of the whole country and every power plant, sensor, EPRO of Germany, have, operate epro MMS6000 system at the 200 many large-scale steam turbine, Germany EPRO sensor is being still adopted by more new aircrews constantly, and Germany EPRO sensor will transform original RMS700 and other protection systems successively, Germany EPRO sensor has fully guaranteed these.
Getting leading operation principle, EPRO of Germany, | EPRO sensor
Our company promises
1.The good stock is guaranteed: We offer to customer high-quality not merely, but offer systematic solution and specialized technological consultation
2.The profit under the sunshine: Advanced management and good purchase channel, the advantage of making our products at obvious price.
3.Perfect quality assurance: Thousands of good quality records represented by water pump project of the museum.
4.Complete after-sale service: We not merely have good after-sale service technology, and the good service system after sale.
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Purchase the way by inquiry:
1.The customer confirms that purchase the type of the products and send the inquiry sheet fax or stay and make peace and phone to consult directly continuously more;
2.We will inquire about prices and delivery date according to the type of the inquiry sheet, draft a detailed regular quotation sheet fax to offer;
3.The customer receives the quotation sheet and confirms that orders the products after the type is errorless;
4.The person in charge of quotation sheet drafts a sales contract according to type and quantity that the customer offer;
5.The customer receives the contract to stamp and pass back and remit money to the bank of deposit of the company according to selling the amount of money after consulting that agrees;
6.After the financial affairs of our company find the fund, the business personnel arranges to deliver and the head tells the customer follows the waybill
Service promise:
1. Products that our company sell sign, purchase and sell contract, products one year in guarantee period, guarantee and use and go wrong normally during this period, can help your maintenance free.
2.Install, can debug question of appearing any, user in the course the intersection of technological consultation and technological issue concerned, we of telephone communication, at any time, and received the clear solution.


Cleaning and maintenance of the thermostatical trough of JPDC-0506 low temperature
The low temperature thermostatical trough controls the temperature perfectly and cooling the fast, low in noise long-life; The characterized liquid crystal in a poor light of large screen reveals, various parameters are clear, esthetic and practical. The intersection of low temperature and through circulate the intersection of pump and integrated design that liquid shed sensor thermostatical trough, improve and control the temperature the precision and degree of consistency of warm field greatly, make the temperature in the trough more even, can do the low temperature alone, circulate the pump to use and offer the cold source of the constant temperature at constant temperature; The programming of thermostatical trough temperature of the low temperature and 5 sections of procedures control the function, has already been suitable for clicking and thermostatically controlling only, suitable for becoming warm and controlling continuously again, can set for the time slots of 5 different temperatures, respond to the request that different temperatures are tested; The thermostatical trough of the low temperature can allocate built-in second to stir at the same time, with mixing sons who reacts in the container together, make the temperature of trying material keep even and unanimous.
The thermostatical trough of the low temperature adopts BILON temperature-controled system, the large screen liquid crystal reveals, the figure PID automatic control system of XMT simulation. The thermostatical trough circulatory system of the low temperature filters functions, prevent the incidental from entering the circulatory system, service life of better assurance apparatus. Low temperature thermostatical trough compress aircrew refrigerate while being totally closed, refrigerate system have overheated crossing the intersection of electric current and multiple protector.
Low temperature thermostatical trough should take top cover away use, add water or freeze liquid, add to from the top cover suitable for reading 3cm, circulate all cooling the pump, insert in the system that the experiment uses, the hose connects this apparatus and passes in and out the liquid mouth and corresponds to business turn over liquid one of the laboratory apparatus and connects well by keeping warm. The circulation of low temperature, thermostatical trough this, is circulated for the airtight system. If the thermostatical trough of the low temperature only appear into, import and join circulating the liquid while cooling and circulating the pump homework. When the inner liquid of thermostatical trough of low temperature is flammable and explosive, forbid opening and heating. When the thermostatical trough of the low temperature controls under 35 degrees, expect much such as controlling the temperature, so long as open and refrigerate the switch, if you can’t close, heat by switch,until parameter lower the temperature and refrigerate let’s go back difference dn to presume as – 0.2 degrees, be got up to park to control the temperature by compressor. If the thermostatical trough of the low temperature controls the temperature and expects much, open and refrigerate the switch, heat the switch, the difference dn of answering presumes it is 10 degrees to lower the temperature the parameter and refrigerate, the compressor does not stop, control the temperature by heating.
The working temperature of thermostatical trough of the low temperature is at 5-85 ¡æ, the liquid medium generally selects the water; At the working temperature at 85-95 ¡æ, the liquid medium can select 15% glycerine aqueous solution for use; Low temperature thermostatical trough, when the working temperature is higher than 95 ¡æ, liquid medium selects the oil for use generally, and the oil chosen one should be higher than working temperature by over 50 ¡æ while making the flash point value of the cup; Add the liquid medium in the trough in front of using the thermostatical trough of the low temperature, the level surface of medium should be lower than the platform about 30mm of the job, otherwise energizing will damage the heater while working; When the working temperature of thermostatical trough of the low temperature is higher, should pay attention to not opening the top cover, hands do not enter trough, so as not to scald; Having finished using, all switches locate in and close the state, cut off the power; The thermostatical trough of the low temperature should do the regular cleaning well, the ones that keep mesa of job and operation panel are neat.

Operation principle and characteristic of the high pure nitrogen generator

The high pure nitrogen generator catalyzes the principle that France separates the air to make according to the electricity, it electrolyzes pools to be to utilize to designed in the course fuel cell among them. Enter and electrolyze in the pool as the raw materials air stable and pure in pressure, oxygen in the air is absorbed and got the electron and turned into the oxyhydrogen root ion with water function on the negative pole, and migrate to the positive pole, lose the electron to precipitate to get the oxygen in the positive pole finally, so oxygen in the air is being separated constantly. Only leave the nitrogen to export with the angry way.

The characteristic of the high pure nitrogen generator:

1.The procedure controls. The control system of the instrument adopts the specialized chip. It is all working course that have procedures to control and finish. Automatic constant pressure, flow permanently, the nitrogen flow can realize 0-300ml/min regulates full-automatically according to consumption. 2.The advanced person of the craft: Electrolyze the pool and adopt the negative pole of vertical form level surface dual. The latest membrane separates technology, catalyze layer and use PCAN carriers and the precious metal to catalyze things, make it catalyze high in efficiency not to electrolyze pool, produce large-minded, nitrogen purity high, electrolyze pool, pass more than high pressure for less than 100 hour dispatch from the factory, large the intersection of electric current and degradation, make, electrolyze pool performance and working state extremely steady. 3.It is catalyzed, get rid of and electrolyze in the pool two grades have the third pole besides to catalyze to catalyze that tertiary, catalyst selects the new precious metal for use, make the oxygen content of nitrogen outputted less than 3ppm4. It is low to produce nitrogen humidity. Permeate and separate technology and effective dehumidification device after adopting the ultra macromolecule quantity, therefore has reduced the primitive humidity, and can discharge the moisture after shutting down automatically. Have adopted metal polymer to dehumidify and two grades are absorbed, it is the nitrogen purity that is improved greatly. 5.Easy to operate, avoid transporting the work of the steel bottle, the province carries the bitterness of the steel bottle, it is to only need to open the switch and produce nitrogen to use, can use continuously, can also use disconnectedly, nitrogen yield does not decay steadily. 6.It is safe and reliable, furnished with installing the device, sensitive and reliable.

Please get in touch more analytical instrument details Beijing China holds the table letter instrument limited company

Technological principle QR1 the fifth sales department of wrestler’s happy electromagnetic valve

Technological principle QR1-ASG of wrestler’s happy electromagnetic valve
Structural characteristic of wrestler’s happy rexroth electromagnetic valve Carry and move the valve
Wrestler’s happy rexroth electromagnetic valve working pressure range 0 bar / 10 bar
Environmental temperature range of wrestler’s happy rexroth electromagnetic valve 0 degrees of C / 60 degrees of C
Wrestler happy rexroth electromagnetic valve medium temperature range 0 degrees of C / 60 degrees of C
Wrestler happy rexroth electromagnetic valve medium Compress the air

Wrestler happy rexroth electromagnetic valve material:
Wrestler happy rexroth electromagnetic valve outer cover Mylar
The wrestler seals happy rexroth electromagnetic valve Acrylic gum
Wrestler’s happy rexroth electromagnetic valve handle Mylar

Technological principle QR1-ASG of wrestler’s happy electromagnetic valve
Wrestler’s happy rexroth electromagnetic valve connects the whorl specification and rotates 360 degrees.
Wrestler’s happy rexroth electromagnetic valve air current direction: 2 is to 1
Our U.S.A. of Germany has one’s own branch companies, the foreign price is good, whole air transport, goods period might as well. Strange products can all be supplied
In addition the products have BURKERT treasure morality valves conventionally, HYDAC Dirk He, FESTO, the wrestler is happy and pneumatic, there are many ATOS stock
EPRO loves the general power plant specializedly.
HYDAC Dirk He: Special price EDS, HDA more the intersection of pressure and sensor ‘ Switch) Series HDA4745, many prices of ENS temperature sensor stock are good
MOOG Mu Ge: Make servo valve G761 G772 G771 D633 D634 D635 especially, there is much special price, the special price type can be offered.
BURKERT treasure Germany: Make diaphragm valve especially, the price is good, mainly make angle seat valve, electromagnetic valve, the sensor
The intersection of Hengslter and henries of happy person: Mainly make the encoder, the foreign price is good, the goods is a 4-6 weeks
Palestinian Rupf, it is good to create the foreign price purpose, there are many stock
Technological principle QR1-ASG of wrestler’s happy electromagnetic valve
Our company runs 500 brands of Germany, more than 300 brands of Europe state, more than 200 brands of U.S.A.. HAWE Ha Wei, ASCO Askhat, the treasure Germany BURKERT, FESTO fee Stowe, BOSCH-REXROTH is rich the wrestler is happy generation, IFM exchanges the good fortune door, TURCK Tuerk, P F good fortune extraordinarily, BALLUFF Palestinian Rupf, SICK Shi Ke, STEIMEL constructs the special Mayor’s pump, HIRSCHMAN Hesse is graceful, MURR Moore, HYDAC Dirk He, GSR, CROUZET high North, E H Engels and House, now PILZ Pierre, MAHLE Mahler, sea grand HERION, the first NORGREN of the promise, SCHMERSAL constructs and steps to have a match, SIEMENS Siemens, STAUFF West Germany’s good fortune, NEGELE is able to bear dose, EMG servo valve, UNIVER, ATOS Atto’s Sri Lankan, KACON triumphant elder brother, VICKERS Vickers, MAC, the intersection of PARKER and Parker, the intersection of MOOG and Ge Mu, AB, the intersection of FAIRCHILD and fairchild, DENISON modest Daniel have, ROSS, UE, MTS, EPRO, MAC, the intersection of SAMSON and Samson, henries of happy, etc person. There are some Japanese brands of agent as follows in the company: CKD like, turn on cut, black the intersection of field and Seiko, SUNX god look at, TOYOOKI abundant to revitalize, NACHI two, the intersection of DAIKIN and Daikin, the intersection of KOGANEI and little well Jin, TACO, NOK, Tokyo is beautiful.

The stock of Hulun Buir draws the pulling force of appearance and counts JZM60A

The silk luxuriant stock in Beijing draws the pulling force of appearance and counts JZM60A a large number of stock masterpiece fast-sellingly

The silk luxuriant stock in Beijing draws the pulling force of appearance and counts JZM60A applicable scope:

Beijing silk luxuriant stock draw the intersection of appearance and pulling force, it counts JZM60A to be the intersection of Beijing and silk luxuriant Science Technologies Co., Ltd. develop products independently. Use for, measure various stock, anchor ask for and reinforcing bar, swelling bolt, anchor firmware resist and draw the instrument and equipment of force, can also make glass curtain wall resist to pull out strength to measure live ‘ Test) ,It is a indispensable detecting instrument of every quality testing unit. This product was guaranteed free for one year, our company implemented the responsibility system of life-long maintenance to the products sold.

The silk luxuriant stock in Beijing draws the pulling force of appearance and counts the brief introduction of JZM60A instrument:

The silk luxuriant stock in Beijing draws the pulling force of appearance and counts JZM60A by the manual pump, the intersection of China and empty hydraulic jar, count, show manometer, take high-pressure oil pipe, anchor that connect fast have, change the intersection of head and pull rod and portable portable case, make up. 10- It is hydraulic 30 tons for jar for in resetting type,jars hydraulic of 50- 100 tons, for manually resetting type. The number value in this instrument reveals some integrative types of upgrading as 2010 are multi-functional to reveal the instrument, China empty hydraulic jar pluses the dustproof system, has long performance life, can read the stock pulling force value (kN) directly ,And automatic calculation, peak value keep, be in a poor light, store and inquire the function, especially suitable for testing laboratory and on-the-spot use, easy to operate, is easy to learn and use.

Beijing silk luxuriant stock draw the intersection of appearance and pulling force, count the intersection of JZM60A and the intersection of product and concrete characteristic and dispose ‘ Table one)

Plate the intersection of nickel and piston and slip set The data store the function

Corrosion-resistant static spraying of surface The instrument data are inquired and deleted

Seal and enclose newly, work reliably 6 sections of broken lines of the whole range are revised

The automatic spring is reset, simple in construction High precision senses the unit

Automatic shut-down function 6F22 battery

Peak value keeps Reveal the resolution ratio 0.1kN of the appearance

The error is 1% Measure the range 0- 100kN

The remarks: ” ” Represent the apparatus contains this function

The silk luxuriant stock in Beijing draws the pulling force of appearance and counts the main technical parameter of JZM60A products

The cylinder centre bore cylinder journey of the type measures the weight characteristic of the range

JZM10A27mm60mm0-100kN6kg precise steel casts the body

JZM20A34mm80mm0-200kN13kg restored to the throne fast

Overload protection of JZM30A45mm80mm0- 300kN15kg

It is read directly that JZM50A 60mm 120mm 0- 500kN25kg number is apparent

JZM100A 90mm 150mm 0-1000KN45kg data stored

The silk luxuriant stock in Beijing draws the pulling force of appearance and counts JZM60A products to dispose: 1 manual pump, 1 hydraulic jar, counting and showing piece of Table 1, iron 1 leather trunk, 1 manual, certificate of quality, guaranteeing the card, one respectively of packing list Worthy of selecting one) Pull rod and conversion are connected ‘ Worthy of selecting one)

U.S.A. BJC fermented electrode F615 F635 F695

PH value of the medium of sterilizing electrodes and reacting specializedly in the test in various fermenters in F615 F635 F695 U.S.A. BJC pH high temperature, the greatest characteristic of this electrode is high temperature resistant, so especially select the occasion used for often wanting the high-temperature steam to sterilize. Compared with other electrodes, the recovery time of F600 electrode can reduce half, the response is fast, and firm and durable, longe-lived time. This electrode is fixed and installed to and reacted on the side of the pot through the sheath of the electrode.


About assaulting the gyration principle of the testing machine chuck

It is very extensive to assault the application of the testing machine in the mechanical manufacturing, mainly draw and assault the testing machine, semi-automatic the testing machine, balance weight assaulting type and assault classifications such as testing machine and nonmetal type testing machine,etc., it is very important to assault the gyration chuck of the testing machine, its operation principle is as follows:
Allocate the low temperature of the turning round chuck and strike the testing machine, the gyration principle of the chuck is such: When inserting the headstock and facing upward to move along the wedge to clamp, because of the function of square of couple in the horizontal plane, make four chuck pieces turned round around its axis of threads separately, until the level edge tooth tangents with cylinder of the round sample, that is to say turning round stops while passing the axis in strength, thus has realized V shape is grasped. And the size of the V -shaped angle increases with increase of the sample diameter. Four the intersection of chuck and piece slip, mix in bludgon to insert in the headstock testing machine into at low temperature with round cylinder their. After the round sample is taken away, begin to grasp the flat sample, when clamping, turn round because of function of the square of couple, until the level edge tooth kept in touch with the level of sample, turn the automatic stop round, has realized that assaults the grip of the testing machine flat sample at low temperature.
Draw the principle of assaulting the testing machine
One end of the sample fixes and props up seats, and another end is being put on the chuck that will got out. Sample put the horizontal level. The balance weight assaults and moves the chuck while dropping. The sample ruptures in drawing state. The sample flies out of together with chuck rupturing partly. Because one end of the sample is loaded on the heavy hammer, and another end is put on the wide shoulder chuck flying out of. Strike to the fixed hammering block seat when the balance weight falls, rupture some samples are thrown together with chuck.

Function characteristic and technical indicator of the multi-functional pressure check gauge

The multi-functional pressure check gauge can be measured in and output voltage, electric current, resistance, frequency, electric thermocouple, thermal resistance signal, it is high, with strong, easy to operate function to have precision. The instrument adopts the holding outer cover, can be used in the industrial scene and can also be used in the laboratory, it is industrial automation instrument and the ideal instruments of the maintenance of equipment, assaying, check-up.

The check gauge function characteristic of the multi-functional pressure:

? Measure and output voltage, electric current, resistance, frequency, electric thermocouple, thermal resistance signal, measure and export and use at the same time, and measure, export and isolate each other.
? The button controls the arbitrary step steps to output the function, it is more convenient to check the linearity, saves time even more than the traditional knob type.
? Offer the changer 24V power, measures the electric current in the return circuit directly, furthermore help to measure Line two to make the changer, also there is a simulation changer that outputs the function.
? Export the electric current and surround the trouble to diagnose, the cycle trouble is pointed out, called the police.
? 11 kinds of electric thermocouples, four kinds of thermal resistance have ITS-90 standard graduation table that reveal correspondingly, connect or dispose and examine the warm sensor and offer the temperature compensation of cold end for electric thermocouple, or select the cold end temperature compensation function manually for use.
? Have electronic dictionary function of thermal technology, can realize temperature and hot electric potential or thermal resistance value are both as inquiring.
? Guarantee high precision, six display in the wide warm range too. Large screen liquid crystal, taking the Chinese intellectual menu in a poor light, the parameter reveals more overallly, it is apter to use.
? Adopt the panel to regulate technology, do not need the instrument turning on machine case, the highest primary standard that can make the instrument trace to the source more easily.
The power economizes on electricity to manage, duration is longer, owe the electricity to shut down automatically.

Check gauge technical indicator of the multi-functional pressure

Measure and output voltage, electric current, resistance, frequency



Resolution ratio

Precision (reading full range)





0.012% 0.005%


Automatic range



0.015% 0.004%



0.015% 0.005%

Electric current



0.012% 0.005%




0.015% 0.005%









0.005% 0.005%




0.010% 0.005%

Electric current



0.012% 0.005%




0.015% 0.005%





The note 1: 999.999Hz resolution ratio 0.001Hz; 9999.99Hz resolution ratio 0.01Hz; 79999.9Hz resolution ratio 0.1Hz

Return circuit power 24V㊣ 10% of the largest electric current 30mA

The temperature influences: (0.0005% of the reading 0.0003% f.s) /⊥,from -10 to 15 ⊥ and 28 to 50 ⊥.

Measure the input impedance of range: Shelf 2M次 of the voltage; Electric current shelf 10次.

Output the load characteristic of range:

Export the electric current: RL is less than or equal to 500次@ 20mA; RL is less than or equal to 1K次@ 10mA.

Output voltage: IL is less than or equal to 5mA.

Expand and read: Check gauge

Infrared ray gas analysis instrument principle

Gas analysis instrument of infrared ray ,It is the use infrared ray that carries on gas analysis. It, on the basis of waiting to analyze the density of the component is different, the radiation energy absorbed is different. The radiation energy left makes the temperature in the detection raise the difference, it is different to move the pressure received on both sides of a membrane, thus produced the electric signal of a electric capacity detection. In this way, can measure the density of waiting to analyze the component indirectly.

1 . Bill’s law

The infrared ray gas analysis instrument was made according to Bill’s law. Assume and is examined the gas it as a limitlessly thin level. The intensity is vertical for the infrared ray of k to penetrate it, then the quantity that energy decays is: I=I0e-KCL(Bill’s law)

In the type: I –Radiation intensity absorbed by the medium;

I0 –Radiation intensity before the infrared ray passes mediums;

K –Wait to analyze the absorption coefficient to the wave band of radiation of components;

C –Wait to analyze the gas density of the component;

L –Length of angry room (remit a punishment and examine the thickness of the gas floor)

As to an infrared ray gas analysis instrument made well, it measures components to already fix, namely treat analyzing, absorption coefficient k to the wave band of radiation must components; Infrared light source make already, pass in front of the medium by infrared ray radiation intensity I0 will certainly; Length L of angry room must. Can be found out from Bill’s law: Through measuring dampening me of radiation energy, can confirm the density C of waiting to analyze the component.

2 . Analyze that measures the principle

The infrared ray gas analysis instrument produced two bunches of infrared rays and one bunch of process modulating device respectivelies of this ray from two independent light sources separately, become the ray of 5Hz. According to the needs of reality, the ray can reduce the interference of gas component of other absorption infrared rays in the gas of background through a filter.

The infrared ray, through two angry rooms, one that is filling in order to flow through constantly is the measurement room which examines the gas, another to fill in order to have the intersection of background and ginseng of gas to absorb property than the room. While working, when measuring and is examined the gas density to change in the room, the light quantity of infrared ray absorbed changes correspondingly, and basis light beam (join than the light beam of the room) Light quantity change. Light quantity that come out from 2 room bad through the detection, make the detection produce the pressure difference, and turn into the electric signal of the electric capacity detection. This signal is after the signal regulates the circuit to amplify and deal with, CRT sent to the display and always accused of reveals. This outputs the size of the signal and the proportional density of component of deep pool.

The detection that we use is the little sound device of the membrane. Receive in the room filling with kinds of treating the intersection of deep pool and component in being angry, two receive in the middle of the the rooms separating with first thin metal membrane, the diaphragm may be out of shape to produce displacement to examine the pressure in two not simultaneously, a fixed round disk electrode is put on one side of the diaphragm. Can move diaphragm and fixed electrode, form one electric capacity the two poles of stocking device. The whole structure keeps strict sealing, receive the angry and indoor gas to separate in order to move a slice of membrane two times, but it is aperture of a few percent millimetres to place one on the structure, in order to enable the gas static balance of both sides. The light beam of radiation, through joining than the room, after measuring the room, enter receiving the room of the detection. The gas in the room received is absorbed, the gas temperature is raised, the hot sports of the gas molecule are strengthened, the pressure formed in thermal expansion that is produced increases. Inject the zero point angry (N2) in measuring the room When, come from two angry rooms of equilibrium of light energy, the pressure of both sides is equal, move a scene of membrane to maintain at the position of equilibrium, the detection is exported as zero. It is injected kind in the room that as measuring to measure and enter and receive the light energy in the room and lower than joining than the side when being angry, make the pressure of measuring the side reduce, then displacement takes place in the membrane, so the distance that has changed two polar plate to ask, also changed capacitance C.

The infrared ray gas analysis instrument can be used for analyzing various more than atom gas, for instance: C2H2, C2H4, C2H5OH, C3H6, C2H6, C3H8, NH3, CO2, CO, CH4, SO2,etc.. Can’t be used for analyzing many atom gas and inert gas formed of the same kind of atom, for instance: N2, Cl2, H2, O2 and He, Ne, Ar,etc..


BK-150VA controls the voltage transformer technical parameter

The unshakable in one’s determination shape is E-shaped

Low frequency of the sex

Rated power 1000

Explain in detail

Input: 0V-220V-380V-361V-399V

Export: 36V-24V-12V-6.3V

Power: 100VA-1000VA has stock, above 1000VA needs having made to order!

Telephone; 0577-62739097 Fax; 0577-27858636

Company’s profile of the detailed content:

BK-150VA controls the condition of work of the voltage transformer:

1,The ambient air temperature – 25 ¡æ to 40 ¡æ, the average of 24 hours does not exceed 35 ¡æ;

2,The installation site above sea level is less than 2000m;

3,Atmospheric relative humidity exceed 50% when for 40 ¡æ the intersection of ambient air and temperature, can have higher relative temperature under low temperature relatively, the average largest humidity of the wettest moon is 90%, the average minimum temperature of moon of this month is 25 ¡æat the same time, and consider that takes place and congeals and revealing on surface of the products because of the temperature change.

4,Have not shaken and assaulted the vibrant place vigorously.

5,Not the place which the sleet attack.

BK-150VA controls the voltage transformer capacity to calculate: The single-phase power of using the electric apparatus: P=I*U*cos-p*n

Three phases use the power of the electric apparatus: P =1.732*I*U*cos-p*n

(Comments: P is the power, I is the electric current, U is the voltage, cos-p is a power factor (fetching value is in 0.8~0.95) ,N is the working efficiency ‘ The fetching value is in 0.85~0.95) ).

Add the power of every load to calculate the total power P is total (KW) ,Then its capacity while choosing the voltage transformer ‘ Power) Should be greater than the total power of the power consuming apparatus, it had better be 2 times of P always, leave certain buffer space like this, will not make the voltage transformer burnt (the damage of the voltage transformers was mostly coil two times burnt because of overloading when load was strengthened suddenly, its reason is that load current is too great)