Use and principle of the Rotary Evaporators

Use of the Rotary Evaporators

The Rotary Evaporators is used mainly for the continuous distillation under reducing pressure the condition exchanging the volatile solvent in a large amount. Especially to the distillation of receiving the liquid at the time of concentration and chromatographic fractionation of aqueous extract, all right separation and purified reaction product. Even if the basic principle of the Rotary Evaporators is distilled under reduced pressure, that is to say under reducing pressure the situation, when the solvent is distilled, distill the flask in continuous rotation. Structure: It distills flasks to be one with interface of standard ground connection. pyriform or rounded bottom flask, pump link, return current the intersection of cold finger and another opening with with ground connection. to receive the flask, link with reduce pressure through a high return current of snakelike cold fingers, used for receiving organic solvent evaporated. And reduce pressure in the cold fingering has a three-way piston between the pumps, when communicating with atmosphere in system, can distill the flask, connect the liquid flask to take down, shift solvents, in the system with reducing pressure when the pump communicates, then the system should be in reducing pressure state. Use, should reduce pressure first, rerun electric motor rotate, distill flask, expire, should shut down first, and then open atmosphere, so as not to distill the flask and loss in rotating. As the heat source that is distilled, are often furnished with the corresponding thermostatic water bath.

Rotary Evaporators principle

The Rotary Evaporators makes the flask under being most suitable for the speed through electronic control, the constant velocity is rotated in order to increase the evaporation area. Enable the evaporation flask under negative pressure through the vacuum pump. Evaporate flask, rotate, put into water bath pan at constant temperature heating at the same time, solution shoulder, depress in rotating flask going on, heating, spreading, evaporating in the bottle. The evaporator system of the rotation can seal and reduce pressure to 400- 600 torrs; Heat the solvent in the distillation flask by heating the bath, the heating temperature can be close to the boiling point of this solvent; Can also rotate at the same time, the speed is 50- 160 rpms, make the solvent film-forming, increase the evaporation area. In addition, under high-efficient cooler function, can liquefy the hot vapour rapidly, accelerate the evaporation rate.

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